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Top 15 Google Chrome Extensions For Web Designers 2019

Top 15 Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers 2019

Google Chrome is the most recognized web browser there is, and not because it’s built by Google alone. It’s a solid leader in the web browser market share lists, with more than 45% lead over the nearest rival: Mozilla Firefox. It’s tied for a lead in the mobile web browser market with WebKit (Safari), the iOS equivalent of Chrome. Chrome is known for its solid and stable JavaScript Engine that powers tons of technologies. Most notably, the Node.js framework is based on an engine that powers Google Chrome.

Chrome gets all sorts of reputation for itself; a few choose to blame the lack of security and in-depth tools. But when it comes to the bigger picture, imagining a better browser than Chrome is hard. Speed, scalability, performance, and things like Developer Tools is what keeps both web designers and web developers stick to Chrome for the long-term strategy.

There have been lots of discussions about the safety and privacy of Google Chrome Extensions. But, what it comes down to is a mindful choice of extensions from trustworthy developers and startups who actually want to deliver something good to the community. The expansion of Chrome’s capabilities has provided developers with the necessary toolkits and features to build extensions that can help to cultivate more productivity, and more importantly, more accessibility for building things in the browser.

Front-end developers are amongst the bigger winners of using Chrome, as it provides a very fluid IDE-like experience when building websites and apps for the browser and mobile web. We will be covering the best fifteen Google Chrome Extensions for designers, some of which developers might find useful, too. The list is unbiased and based on research that designers have shared over some of the most popular community forums on the web today.

Font Playground

Font Playground Chrome Web Store

Fonts and typography are essential parts of great web design; not only do they help add personality, they also immensely help compliment the design course of action. Most of the modern designs we see today are utilizing some sort of external fonts and typographic standards to truly extend the user experience for everyone involved. With Font Playground, designers can now get access to a flexible extension that helps you play with your fonts on your designs directly from the browser. Choose from over a 1000+ unique Google Fonts and see how they interact with each other on different occasions.


User-Agent Switcher

User Agent Switcher Chrome Web Store

A User-Agent is the fingerprint that you send out within each new request you make to a page. The website can then detect your User-Agent and serve you the appropriate version of the website, in accordance of your browser capabilities. This is the standard technique for websites to determine whether someone is browsing a website from a Desktop or Mobile device. The User-Agent Switcher extension lets you change your User-Agent to any other browser or mobile device out there, letting you quickly experiment with the way your designs appear on these devices and browser. It’s a tiny extension that has a lot of power to help developers increase productivity by saving them time from having to switch back and forth.


Window Resizer

Window Resizer Chrome Web Store

With more than 500,000+ active users in all technology communities, the Window Resizer extension helps designers to spoof different kinds of resolutions to better understand how these resolutions interact with your designs. Building a website that works for majority of population is essential. And this extension helps you pinpoint where errors may begin to occur, so you can promptly make any necessary code changes. You can quickly change the width and height of your browser window, the position where it resides, and there’s an in-built shortcode function that will greatly increase your ability to check different screen resolutions as you are doing live coding.



WhatFont Chrome Web Store

With millions of active websites, and plenty of new websites we visit every single day, there’s always something that catches our eye, a particular widget or dynamic function, or a particular font that just seems to look outstanding, but we aren’t able to pinpoint the name for it. With the WhatFont extension you are able to quickly examine fonts on any give website page and quickly learn the name of the font so that you can begin your search for it. Other than that, WhatFont also helps to understand the kind of services that are being used to serve fonts, in the case that they are coming from premium or free services like Google Fonts, or Typekit.


Tab Packager

tab packager by Chrome Web Store

Designers, and even developers, all struggle to keep their tabs clean and organized. When doing design work, we are constantly looking at other sources, research stuff, inspiration work, and examples on how to perfect our designs, and these tabs tend to stack up rather quickly! With Tab Packager you can now enjoy a simple way of packaging all your tabs in a single URL, and then accessing them from that URL. This improves productivity as we can continuously return to our list and quickly grab what we need, rather than skimming through tabs guessing what each tab consists of.



CSS Shack Chrome Web Store

Photoshop isn’t the only tool that deals with layers. In fact, every front-end developer has to deal with layers in their CSS configurations. This Chrome extension for web designers help you to create style layers and then export those layers to your CSS files for easier access. You can quickly build designs, wireframes, or simple elements like buttons in a matter of a few clicks. Whether it’s random experimentation and sandbox testing, or a full-on style guide you are trying to build, CSS-Shack offers the tools to help you in those departments.


Flat Colors Guide

Flat Colors Guide Chrome Web Store

Building a new web design using the FLAT style guide, but not sure of the right color codes to use? With the simple to use Flat Colors Guide extension that worry quickly disappears. Install the extension and simply click the extensions button to load up the colors that usually go into FLAT designs.



ColorZilla Chrome Web Store

ColorZilla has millions of active users on the Mozilla browser. And finally, a Google Chrome extension is also available, which has accumulated more than 800,000+ active users already. With ColorZilla you can quickly assess the colors on any given page. And you can use those colors to optimize them and load them up in any other tool that you are using for building your designs. Easily access the colors of singular pixels within the page, giving you the right depth for your colors in any situation. Shortcuts enable for quicker color manipulation and optimization.


Instant Wireframe

Instant Wireframe Chrome Web Store

Some designs take longer than others to perfect, some designs take years of work before a finalized version is establihed. Sometimes we browse a beautiful website and think to ourselves “what great designers and developers are working on this?” But more often than not, it has been a long journey over the course of many years to create such fluid designs. With the Instant Wireframe extension we can quickly assess and depict any web design and see exactly how the structure is built, and whether we can implement a similar structure in our own projects.



Stylebot Chrome Web Store

Stylebot is a live editing tool for manipulating the CSS code of any website and element you are currently browsing. You can quickly select individual elements and make appearance changes using CSS. Change anything you like using automated in-built tools, or write your own CSS. This helps you to learn more about CSS. It also also gives you a glimpse of how live editing works and how much quicker you can create the changes to your designs that you desire. With more than 150,000+ users, this is the extension that every web designer should have in their toolkit.



EnjoyCSS Chrome Web Store

EnjoyCSS is a web design suite studio directly in your browser! It’s a direct CSS3 generator that lets you manage UI settings of any element of your own choice. Create transitions, transform elements, work with gradients, shadows, and so much more. EnjoyCSS also has a library of pre-built transformations that you can directly apply to your elements.



SnappySnippet Chrome Web Store

SnappySnippet fills the bridge gap between working in elements in the browser, and being able to send them to famous code editing platforms like JSFiddle and CodePen. It also enables a feature that whenever you are browsing a particular website element using Developer Tools, you are quickly able to send that element for live editing in one of the most popular code playgrounds we find on the web today. Works with HTML5 and CSS3.


Responsive Web Design Tester

Responsive Web Design Tester Chrome Web Store

Front-end developers no longer build standalone desktop websites. Mobile is the brother of desktop, so each design has to be built with mobile users in mind. Thank God we have gotten over the stream of articles talking about how important responsive web design is; it’s no longer important, but truly quintessential. The Responsive Web Design Tester extension will allow you to quick test all your existing designs on a number of different devices, giving you a glimpse of whether you have done everything right to ensure that your designs look great on all devices, whether mobile or desktop.


Emmet LiveStyle

Emmet LiveStyle Chrome Web Store

Emmet LiveStyle instantly updates your web-page stylesheet while you edit CSS, LESS or SCSS file in your text editor. No file saving or page reloading: pure real-time experience! And this is the first tool that transfers updates from DevTools back into source code the right way. A lot of reviews for this extension mention that they can’t imagine their web design workflow without this tool.


Web Developer

Web Developer Chrome Web Store

Mozilla Firefox has their own Developer Tools, just like Google Chrome does. What has happened in the recent years is that a lot of Firefox users have switched over to Chrome. But it still feels like a certain functionality is missing or lacking in specific departments. One of the highest loses for people switching is the loss of Mozilla Developer Tools. And since there was such a huge demand for it, a few developers got together and built an exact mirror of Firefox Dev Tools for Chrome. With more than one million active users already, this extension is a booming success for both established and aspiring designers who wish to extend their browser toolkit for working with web designs in live environment.


Alex Ivanovs

Alex is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience in design, development, and small business. His work has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, and others. You can find his personal writing at The Divine Indigo.

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  1. Hello Alex,

    Great sharing. I appreciate your effort. This will save time and make the process of web designing much faster. Thanks for bringing this to us.

  2. Jeremy Kendell says:

    Thanks for the great list. I use those two “Responsive Web Design Tester” and “Web Developer” google chrome extensions. Both are great and really helps.

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