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Canvas – A WordPress Theme With Complete Style Control

Canvas – A WordPress theme with complete style control

Canvas is clean, minimalistic and beautiful WordPress theme framework or so called starter theme that you can use as-is or customize it via Theme Options. Canvas Theme Options provides with over 100 different values you can tweak to change font size, color, background, widget styling, layout width, featured image size and way how they are generated. Nothing is impossible here. If something can’t be done via THeme Options you can easily create your own Child Theme. Code is well commented and documented so it will be very easy to get started with it.

Canvas shortcodes

  • Customizability – Canas Theme framework offers endless customization options via Theme Options. You might end up looking for documentation to realize how much you can actually achieve with this minimalistic looking framework
  • Google Fonts – This Theme framework features full Google Font integration. You can change fonts globally or for various elements separately. You have access to over 600 Google Fonts and at each element can have a different one
  • Responsive – theme is fully responsive and comes with beautiful slide-out menu for mobile devices. You just have to see it for yourself to believe
  • Images – It’s never been easier to change background image, logo, header image and other. There are endless possibilities to use your own image with this framework. Canvas have a specially page for thumbnail settings and you can do literally everything from size adjustments to position adjustments and automatic thumbnail generation
  • Layout control – Layout options allow to adjust your website width between 600px to 2000px while keeping your website responsive in any size. You can also reduce sidebar and content area with separately. Additionally you can choose between boxed and full-width layout.
  • WooCommerce – Since Canvas is developer by WooThemes which is behind the popular WooCommerce eCommerce toolkit this theme framework will blend perfectly with it.
  • Magazine and Business page templates – using the same theme framework you can build blog, corporate website, portfolio, eStore, magazine and other different website and all these templates are already included in the basic setup. This is something no other theme framework can be proud of
  • Portfolio – Canvas Theme framework comes with Portfolio which is based on WordPress Custom Post Type meaning that you can build your own portfolio or product page with ease and have it fully customized via Theme Options
  • Tumblog functionality with iOS support – WooTumblog is Canvas variation about Tumblr and they have done incredibly good job with it. WooTumblog is optimized to work with iOS, so you can publish post to your blog via simple yet powerful iPhone app.
  • Custom Widgets – Canas theme framework features several custom built widgets. My favorite is WooTabs to display most commented and most popular blog posts via tabbed widget in sidebar. However, there are others like Flickr, Twitter, Ads Manager, Social Widget, Subscribe and other useful widgets. There are plugin based alternatives for these features but why not to use one that blends perfectly in theme design?
  • WordPress Child Theme friendly – This is one of those frameworks or starter themes where you can get your hands real dirty and start coding. It is well documented and commented making it really easy to tweak and improve via Child Themes.
  • Shortcodes – like most modern theme frameworks Canvas has their own shortcodes. You can create buttons, tabbed navigation, social media icons, info boxes and plenty of other things with shortcodes.


Canvas is one of those theme frameworks that will please both developers and users. If you are not familiar with coding you will still be able to create professional looking and custom setup theme. Developers will find it very easy to use as Parent Theme for further optimization via Child Themes. However, the only drawback is that this theme contains a massive codebase for various different purposes and most likely you will use only a tiny fraction of it. Sometimes one size fit all could not be the right options when you are looking for very basic functionality.

Personally I have already made my vote for this theme framework because I have developer licence and I have build numerous sites with it. However, I am right now in the market for something more basic that doesn’t come with so many options because I would love to build my own functionality which most likely will be highly inspired by Canvas Theme Framework.

More info / DownloadDemo

Below are some screenshots from Canvas WordPress theme framework backend and frontend:

Canvas theme framework

Canvas typography

Canvas WooCommerce

Canvas Theme Options

Canvas Theme Options

Canvas theme front-end

Canvas shortcodes

Canvas navigation

Canvas magazine

More info / DownloadDemo


Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. After graduating with BBA he self-though frontend web development. Mainly CSS/HTML/JavaScript(React, Vue) and some PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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  1. lizclientsLiz says:

    Has Woo removed the settings page in Canvas 5.5.2 as I no longer see the Styling for widgets and making widgets have round corners settings. It was there in your version shown above on your website, and I just downloaded canvas and I have an empty blank page showing no settings for Canvas > General Settings > Widgets are you able to shed any light on this?

    1. Recently WooFramework received a major update to make it look and function more like WordPress dashboard itself. Now customizations settings for widgets are located under Settings – Styling & Layout. Then scroll all way down to “Widgets” section which is almost at the end of that page.

      Let me know if this helps.

  2. Thanks for the great overview of this theme! I’m interested in building a site with canvas, but I am unsure about one key question I have. Can you use multiple “magazine” pages within the same site? In other words, can you build an online magazine with different categories of content areas, each using the magazine template, and that would each appear in the global nav? Thanks for any help!

    1. Shelley,

      Unfortunately, this theme doesn’t have option to create multiple magazine on a single website. Each category page will list posts just like in a blog view and only magazine page will look as magazine. This theme uses Page Template for Magazine, Portfolio, Business and other pages, so they just apply to that one page and the rest of the pages look like regular posts or pages. So unless you are good at coding this theme is not going to get the job done in a way you expected.

      For other magazine styles WordPress themes you might want to look into this, this or this theme collection.

  3. Is this theme a one off fee to use or do you have to pay every year to update. I am just a small business owner and want to buy this theme for a one off fee but not pay every year just to update it. No support is needed but to get into an annual DD every year when there are so many other themes about. thanks Any advice welcome

    1. Nathan,

      It is one time purchase but you get 1 year of free updates and support. Afterwards you can renew your subscriptions for additional support and updates if needed.
      However, Canvas is a theme which has been around for many many years and is really outdated. While it does support the latest version of WordPress it is about the only great thing about this theme. For some more modern themes I would recommend to check this list.

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