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Top 20 Candle Mockups For Beautiful Presentations

Top 20 Candle Mockups for Beautiful Presentations

Candles, especially the scented ones are widely used for interior decoration and gifting purposes. Customized candles look simply stunning. You can consider a customized candle a very unique and nice gift. Also, such candles can be useful for promotional purposes. Do you want to design such a customized candle in the easiest possible way? Then use a candle mockup.

Today’s post will discuss 20 best candle mockups that you can use to add some spunk to your design work portfolio.

So, without further ado, let’s start the discussion.

Candle Mockup

Lay your hands on this beautiful candle mockup design to create your own logo and label design. This template consists of a smart object label, which you can use to upload label designs, edit colors, and turn on or off layer shadows among others. Besides, you can edit this layout and make it look better based on your personalized ideas. It is a high-quality design that can never fail to impress. Just get this PSD file and showcase your brand identity creatively.

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Candle Packaging Mockup

There is no doubt that packaging is an important part of product advertising. Use Candle Packaging Mockup to showcase your candles in a creative and elegant way. It comes with a smart layer feature using which you can easily drag and drop your design. This PSD set comprises 9 pre-made scenes, preview JPG files, and a help file. Also, you can easily change colors of every element to make it your own composition.

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Realistic Handcrafted Candles Mockup

Realistic Handcrafted candle mockup uses realistic photographs instead of 3D imagery, so that your product gets a real and authentic look. It comes with Smart Object features based on real sizes, you just need to place your design and all your changes will be reflected in the main PSD file. Premade for dark and bright level designs, this mockup is also compatible with Photoshop CS4+.  So, download this mockup to showcase your candle designs in portfolios and websites.

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Candle Glass & Box Packaging Mockup

Are you looking for packaging design to showcase your product with a realistic feel? If yes, then your search ends here. This PSD set consists of a smart object that allows you to edit your design quickly and easily. Also, this design allows you to play with lights and shadows to accomplish better outcomes. Besides, you can also choose between cotton and wooden wick to make your product more beautiful. So, look no further. Just download this mockup design and showcase your brand identity creatively.

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Candle in Gift Box Mockup

If you intend to give photo-realistic look to your candle projects, this mockup design should be on top of your list. Candle in Gift box mockup allows you to display your design and layout creatively. It comes with perfectly isolated shadows, objects, backgrounds, and changeable color/gradients to make your work more presentable. Besides, you can use its custom design to create personalized products. Download this mockup design to change labels and utilize for your commercial projects.

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Candle & Box Mockup

If you are looking to add some spunk to your candle project, then you should opt for candle & box mockups. The mockup set comes with well-described layers, selective varnish, automatic background perspective that will make your design portfolio stand out. Thanks to its smart object feature, the mockup is entirely editable and lets you append your creations with relative ease. Customize this mockup set right now and make a distinct brand identity of your product.

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Candle in Glass Mockup

Candle in glass mockup is meant for professionals looking to add beauty to their products. It is a set of five high-quality mockups that allows you to present your creations effortlessly. It comes with well-organized layers and a smart object tool which makes your edit work smoother. You can also use this mockup to put your own color on glass, wax, wick, top, and label. Download this PSD file and create mesmerizing designs to impress your clients.

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Candle & Gift Box Mockup

Candle & Gift mockups are excellent marketing tools for your online business. It allows you to showcase your design in a photo-realistic manner. You can use the smart object feature of this mockup to display your branding ideas creatively. This PSD set comes with perfectly isolated shadows and backgrounds along with changeable color options to make your presentation more appealing. Download this simple-to-use theme and win your clients through your work.

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Candle with 2 Wicks Mockup

 If you are looking for perfectly designed mockups to display your digital artwork, then Candle with 2 Wicks Mockups Pack is a suitable option for you. This template helps you add realistic textures, shadows, and lighting to your project. You just need to place your design into the smart object label, and you will see that all changes reflect in the main PSD file. You can also edit the wax, wick, label, and glass color labels of this mockup and customize it as per the requirement of your client. So, check out this collection of candle mockups right now and create a distinct brand identity of your product. 

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Candle PSD Mockups

Candle PSD mockups are increasingly getting popular on the digital platform.  It is best suited to showcase your product logo and brand identity. This template is supported by built-in smart object feature. You can use it to drag and drop your own designs.  It comes with alpha transparency glass and realistic setups which allow designers to add texture, color, and picture to achieve better results. Download this PSD mockup set and make a difference through your designs.

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Candle Label Mockup Pack

Another useful candle label mockup pack is available here. You can customize this template to create a photo-realistic presentation on candle package and logo design. The smart layer feature is very user-friendly; you can easily insert your own label designs to fit your presentation needs. This mockup comes with four PSD files in different view for your candle design projects.  Just add this mockup to your tool and make irresistible candle designs for branding purposes.

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Candle & Box Set Mockup

To ensure greater outreach of your candle products, it is necessary that you use the right labels to represent your brand. Candle & Box set mockup is an elegant design tool for aiding you in displaying your products. This pack comes with 2 high-resolution PSD files. You can easily replace the label design to insert your own artwork or images using a smart object layer. Also, it allows you to edit colors, and blend your design with great shadow effects.

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Candle & Package Box Mockups

Are you looking for exquisite design options to display your candle products?  If yes, then use candle and package box mockups to make engaging candle packaging designs.  This mockup set comes with six pre-made PSD files with fully organized layers and folders. You can easily edit the labels using the smart object layer feature. Also, you can easily customize and change any mockup elements like colors and shadow effects to meet your requirements.

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Candle Label Mockup Pack Vol 2

You can use candle label mockup pack as a creative tool to design your product label and logos. In this pack, you get 2 PSD files with high-resolution images. It comes with well-organized layers and folders which can be customized easily. It also has changeable color and shadow options that help in achieving desirable candle design. Also, you can place your product logo at an appropriate place using its smart object feature.

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Candle & Perfume Set

If you are looking for a perfect package design for scented candles, try this candle and perfume set mockup to give a photo-realistic look to your candle designs. This mockup set comes with 9 PSD files and 9 JPEG files in 9 distinct views for your candle presentations. Also, you can easily edit the labels of this mockup via smart object layers. It is overall a great template to present your work and impress your clients.

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Candle & Gift Box Set

Are you looking for an ideal packaging design for gifting candles? You can use Candle & Gift Box Set mockup to meet your needs perfectly. This pack contains 5 PSD files and JPG files with 5 different views for your candle project. This mockup set comes with perfectly isolated shadows, objects, backgrounds and other features that will make your product shine. You can quickly edit the labels on this template through the smart layer tool.

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Candle Box Packaging Mockup

Candle box packaging is a perfect mock-up for your online design. It comes with print-ready candle boxes and labels.  This template is not only ideal for packaging candle products but also useful for skincare and beauty products. This template is fully editable; you can change text, fonts, and colors as per your requirements. There are four different versions of this mockup set with images in vector format.  It is also supported by high-resolution graphic design such as Vector EPS and AI Illustrator.

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Candles Mockups Bundle

A beautiful design for your candle project is just a few clicks away. Use high-quality candle mockups to present your branding ideas in a creative and professional way. This PSD set comes in well-organized layers with isolated design for candle, flame, shadows, and backgrounds. Also, the smart object layer can be used to insert your branding designs.  Moreover, you can change the background, customize wax colors and remove flames to achieve desirable results.

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Photorealistic Candle Packaging Mockup

If you wish to improve brand awareness of your product, use candle packaging mockup to maximize your reach. This is a set of four PSD files with four individual views. It also includes separate layers of color objects and backgrounds. As it comes with smart object layer, you can easily insert personalized logo and labels to add value to your package design. Use this candle packaging template and open more opportunities for business.

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Contemporary Candle in Glass Mockup

Candle in glass mockup is an excellent choice for candle makers who wish to sell scented candles. Its usage is very easy, you can simply put your own designs using smart object feature on the label. This mockup also allows you to put your own color on wax, glass, wick, top, and label. So, it is best to apply your artwork and make awesome packaging designs to impress your clients.

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Which One Will You Choose?

All the above-discussed mockups are equally useful for designing beautiful custom-made candles. Some mockups even help you design a candle’s box packaging as well. Such candles are great for both branding and personal gifting purposes. Don’t you think these mockups will be helpful for your next project? If you do, without further delay, just pick your favorite mockup. Use that to create awesome designs in a breeze.

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