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calendar mockup
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23 Realistic Calendar Mockup Templates 2020

As a designer, especially in the Q4, you might be needing a ton of different calendar mockup templates. You are in luck since we bring to the table a wide variety of various solutions for realistic presentations. If you are looking for a hanging or a standing calendar, you will find them all and then some in the collection below.

Whether you are designing a calendar for yourself or for your client, these mockups will assist you on your journey. They help you better picture how the end product will look. This is also the right moment to investigate your design or artwork in great detail. At this point, you can still perform any last corrections and improvements, so the outcome will come back from the print shop exactly how you envisioned.

Moreover, you will find a mixture of calendar mockup templates that you edit online and PSD versions. Both ensure a modern, clean and attention-grabbing end product that will inspire. Of course, the former are even quicker to use, as you do all the work in-browser right off the bat.

Use calendars for gifts or to sell your marvelous designs and professional photographies strategically; whatever the case, you will succeed at promotion with these mockups.

Template of a Calendar on a Wall

template of a calendar on a wall
If you are searching for something that is more on the simple and minimal side, this is probably the right calendar mockup you should consider. It is one of those templates that you edit and improve online, over on the handy Placeit platform. With the design ready to roll, you just upload it to the web platform and see it appear on the mockup immediately. With the right dimension, it will be a smooth inclusion. Have in mind, you can also crop and reposition your image accordingly. Moreover, feel free to change the color of the calendar, as well as to add a text overlay if necessary.

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Pinned Calendar Template on a Gray Wall

pinned calendar template on a gray wall
Another awesome and simplistic mockup of a calendar on a wall. To create a photo-realistic presentation of your fresh product drop, stick to the right template and make a difference. You can easily utilize this particular tool to present either the cover or any inside page of the calendar. In a few clicks, you can now have the outcome ready to roll. Use the demonstration of your striking creation on social media, on your website or simply to share it with your client. Amaze and impress everyone with your masterpiece and go from there.

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Mockup of a Calendar Standing on a Solid Surface

mockup of a calendar standing on a solid surface
You can always spice things up when it comes to presenting your calendar design with a mockup. To your luck, we have all sorts of different alternatives here for you that require little to no work to take them to your total advantage. In this case, you do not even need to use Photoshop or any other software. Once you are on Placeit, everything will flow smoothly, ensuring you a striking outcome swiftly. Upload the design to the mockup straight from your computer, change the color of the standing calendar if necessary and that could basically be it.

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Mockup of Two Desk Calendars Standing Next to Each Other

mockup of two desk calendars standing next to each other
A calendar can be excellent marketing material, but you can also use it as an artist as a different medium to sell your masterpieces. Anyway, this calendar mockup features two standing calendars with amazing customizations. First and foremost, you can add two designs to the front pages, as well as one to the back page that is hiding after the first design. Moreover, you can also include two additional artworks or logos to the bottom of each calendar. To top it all up, both items are also improvable with custom colors. There’s more. You can also add a text and a graphic if you wish.

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Mockup of a Desk Calendar with Flowing Pages

mockup of a desk calendar with flowing pages
An engaging mockup featuring a desk calendar with flowing pages. This gives you the opportunity to add multiple designs to the calendar – four to be more precise. Feel free to play around with all the different variations and combinations in conjunction with altering the color of the calendar before you come up with the winning product. At this point, you can level things up with texts and graphics or leave these out entirely. At any time, you can hit the upload button again and upload a different artwork if necessary. Placeit is for everyone, beginner and pros, thanks to its practical in-browser editing.

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Calendar Mockup on a Wall with Plants

calendar mockup on a wall with plants
This particular appearance is somewhat similar to the first calendar mockup just at a different angle. If some greenery in combination with the calendar is what you are a fan of, by all means, head over to Placeit and get as creative as you want. First, you can change the tint of the calendar to any shade you fancy with the convenient color picker. Second, with the upload function, you slide in any design you would like to push on a calendar (700 x 1000 px). And third, you can, as well, append a call-to-action with the add text button. A few simple moves and you already tailor the presentation according to your taste.

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Vertical Calendar Mockup

vertical calendar mockup
For a more colorful presentation of a vertical calendar, you better not miss checking out this outstanding creation. The mockup features the calendar along with very many different details, both on the wall and on the table, that spice up the experience. The outcome is an excellent solution that you can use on social media and even your online store. Get everyone to visualize themselves owning the beautiful calendar, thanks to the superb demonstration you are about to set up. For the fastest realization, you only need to upload your design and have the outcome available already.

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Vertical Standing Calendar Mockup

vertical standing calendar mockup
While this might be a hanging calendar, it is presented in a standing position. You see, you can always go against the norm with the presentation of pretty much any item. Anyhow, for a life-like presentation of a calendar on a shelf with books and some greenery and black background, this is it! All you need to do is to go over to Placeit and put the simple customization function to use. In literally seconds, you will have the photo-realistic presentation available and ready to roll. The process is effortless and quick, very user- and beginner-friendly if you will.

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Calendar Mockup on a Wall with Two Colors

calendar mockup on a wall with two colors
For everyone who wants a basic, yet creative, presentation, you should consider using this calendar mockup on a two-toned wall. Sure, you can keep it professional and sophisticated, however, you can play with the different color options and make it as vibrant and energetic as possible, too. The choice is yours, this mockup template is here to loosen your creative thinking and make the demonstration that will trigger everyone’s curiosity. You only need to undergo some clicking and have the end product available and all set. Nope, there is still no need to use Adobe Photoshop to style and improve the mockup.

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Calendar Template Standing on a Wooden Desk

calendar template standing on a wooden desk
If you are particularly looking for a standing calendar of a smaller dimension, here is the mockup for you. For your information, the working area of the calendar is 700 x 750 px. With a click, you can now attach any design you fancy and get the hype going strong. With a mockup, you can also try and test a few different variations and possibilities before picking the winner. Thanks to Placeit, you undergo all the editing and modifying in-browser, only downloading the end product. How cool does that sound? With the design for the calendar ready, you do not even need to be a professional and still end up with a marvelous presentation.

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Calendar Mockup Standing Beside a Clock

calendar mockup standing beside a clock
Another nifty mockup of a standing calendar on a bookshelf, beside a clock and some books. While calendars are more time-specific gifts, they, pretty much, always work. Sure, we now have all the info and whatnot on smartphones and computers, but many still prefer a physical calendar. Not just for the date, but to actually add notes to it and as decoration, too. Anyhow, to each their own, we are here to get things moving in the right direction when it comes to the best presentation of a standing calendar mockup. The online editing process does not require any prior experience, making sure everyone gets the most out of it right away.

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Calendar Template on a Designer Desk

calendar template on a designer desk
Nowadays, all you need is a mockup and you can create a demonstration of your design in a photo-realistic way. As simple as that! Even when it comes to calendar designs, use a mockup template and make an immediate difference. And if you are exclusively looking for a standing mockup of 700 x 750 px dimension, you are in for a treat. The template features a standing mockup of a designer’s desk, all set and ready for you to put it to use. Change the color of the paper, upload your image, append a text overlay and call it a day.

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Calendar Mockup Lying on a Wooden Desktop

calendar mockup lying on a wooden desktop
By now, you know already that we bring you a collection of hanging and standing calendars. This following one is another standing version of a calendar on a wooden table. The calendar offers you to add your creative cover design to it and have the overall amazing atmosphere to ensure outstanding presentation. And the calendar mockup can now be yours in a snap of a finger, thanks to the simplicity and user-friendliness of Placeit. You only really need to perform a few clicks to enhance the appearance of the default template and make it follow your requirements to a T.

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Wall Calendar Interior Mockup

wall calendar interior mockup
Okay, we now move forward with the PSD calendar mockup alternatives. However, even if all these require Adobe Photoshop, working with them is still kids’ stuff. Every layout is fully layered and organized for your convenience.
This particular solution comes with two different styles, both at super high resolution for the killer end product. This also allows you to display all the content in great detail in close-ups. Once you import the file to Photoshop, all you need to do is to double click on the smart object layer and slide in your design. That’s that, you can now leave it as is, still, you can change the background, too.

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Calendar Mockup Set

calendar mockup set
If you would like to have one calendar mockup set that covers a few different formats, this is the template that will take care of your needs. To be more precise, you get two hanging and two standing calendars. The former style comes with additional four backgrounds and the latter with five. Even out of the box, you have loads of different options to create the demonstration that is to your liking. Of course, you can also slide in your terrific design and have the presentation that will grab everyone’s attention instantly. Due to the layered and well-commented structure, you can fully edit and adjust the look in a small breeze.

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A4 Spiral Calendar Mock-Up

a4 calendar mockup
For an A4 calendar mockup, this is by far one of the best options available on the market. In the bundle of goodies, you will find a whopping collection of eight different presentations. From different front/cover (and back) views to inside pages, you can style and adjust them all exactly how you fancy. Along with adding your creatives, you can also change the background and have the overall demonstration your way precisely. Moreover, this set of mockups also comes with a help document that will help you smoothly improve the default look, so it matches your style like a dream.

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8.5×11 Wall Calendar Mockups

wall calendar mockups
A wonderful set of eight different PSD calendar mockups for you to take to your total advantage. The dimension of the calendar is 8.5″x11″ and 11″x17″ when open. It offers you to design the cover, as well as the inside pages of the calendar. With the eight different views, you can now bring into being a full-blown demonstration of a striking calendar design that will amaze everyone. In the kit, you will also find a background texture, so you do not even need to use your own. With the outstanding 6500 x 5000 px sizing, you know the outcome will be nothing short of top-notch.

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The best collection of free calendar mockup templates

Horizontal Wall Calendar PSD Mockup

free horizontal wall calendar psd mockup
As an alternative option to all the premium solutions above, here are a few free calendar mockup templates that promise outstanding results. Here are two mockups of a vertical calendar on a wall that come at different angles. With the layered structure and smart objects, you can now speedily improve the look and make it follow your meticulous style to a T. While you can use the mockup to present the design for an individual month, you can also use it for the cover. Without further ado, download the free template now, add it to Photoshop and get creative.

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Wall Calendar PSD Mockup

wall calendar psd mockup
For a quick calendar presentation fix, pick the right mockup, free or premium, and have it all done and ready to go quickly. That is exactly what you can expect from this next template. It is a tool you will find effortless to use with Adobe Photoshop. You introduce the template to Photoshop, search for the smart object layer, attach your design and voila, you have the demonstration of your design all set. The process might be easy, the mockup free, still, the end product will be first-class. Get your hands on this vertical and life-like calendar mockup now for swift execution.

More info / Download

Fully Customizable Calendar PSD Mockup

customizable calendar psd mockup
Even in the free section, we bring you different styles of calendars for your convenience. From hanging vertical and horizontal to standing, you get them all and then some. Instead of sending your design straight to a print shop, make sure you first see its life-like version with the use of a mockup. This gives you a better understanding of how the physical product would and will look. If necessary, you can still perform any last tweaks and improvements, making the outcome appear exactly how you want. The mockup sports amazing details and outstanding customization features, what else you need?

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Table Calendar PSD Mockup

table calendar psd mockup
A modern and sophisticated mockup of a standing calendar on a table with a dark, almost mysterious atmosphere. If you would like to trigger their interest, you better grab this template now and put it to use in just a click. It is a PSD mockup that rocks the game with smart objects, making the editing process swift and straightforward. You now have all the available resources to create a photo-realistic presentation that will raise your potential to the Moon and then Mars. Look no further as you can make a strong first impression with this original template right off the get-go.

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Free Vertical Desk Calendar Mockup

free vertical desk calendar mockup
Instead of one, this calendar mockup comes with two scenes. The first features two calendars and the second one, all of standing vertical format. If that is the style of a calendar you would like to realize, you can now profit from the template greatly. Have in mind, you have loads of options and possibilities to style the calendar and the overall presentation exactly to your likings. Do not be shy and get as creative as you want. Introduce your signature style and bring to life a realistic outcome that will stand out from the masses.

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Free Horizontal Desk Calendar Mockup

free horizontal desk calendar mockup
One very popular standing calendar style is of horizontal format. In the package, you get two different PSD scenes that are fully adjustable and editable. Along with sliding in your creative design, you can also change the color of the spiral and the cardboard. Moreover, you can go with a solid color background or an image background, whatever suits your taste best. Have in mind, you can come up with all sorts of different combinations that you can later compare against each other, either yourself or with your client. Without giving it a second thought, go all-in, download the mockup now and enrich it with your creativity.

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