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21 Branding Mockups for Professional Presentations

It’s time to showcase awesome branding presentation and create a solid branding identity. These branding mockups available here can help you.

For a business, establishing a solid brand reputation is a must thing to do. Through branding, businesses can persuade, convince, and influence the decision-making process of consumers when they select a specific brand. The main purpose of brand promotion is to create brand awareness and build buyers’ interest that they could make sales and transform into loyal consumers. 

There are multiple ways brand promotion can be done. Branding through promotional products is an effective strategy to improve brand recognition. Valuable to both existing and new consumers, even a small product, such as a promotional pen, can be helpful in creating consumer loyalty. So, if you are interested to design such promotional items and do branding effectively, today is your lucky day. This post talks about 21 useful branding mockups that can help you have a virtual preview of how your design would look on a particular product. This will help you make a better final decision. 

So, without further ado, let’s talk about these branding mockups and how these can help you.

Enamel Mug Branding Mockup

This is a high-quality enamel mug mockup with which you can showcase your logo and pattern design, branding implementation, portfolio display, and more. It is a fully customizable mockup. Its smart object layer makes the editing process quick and easy. Therefore, you can easily change the mug color in just a single click. Also, you can change the background color, adjust shadows and effects as per your project’s need. This is certainly a useful mockup. So, without having any doubt, get this mockup now.

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Passenger City Bus Branding Identity Template

Vehicle advertising is an effective method to advertise brands. In other words, this type of branding reaches a mass audience, in fact virtually infinite. So, if you are planning to create a brand identity through vehicle advertising, this passenger city bus branding template can help you. You can showcase your design on all sides of a city bus. The white background of the template adds a simple yet elegant touch.

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Pizzeria, Cafe or Restaurant Brand Identity Mockup

Branding done successfully for a restaurant or cafe can communicate its personality and identity. It highlights the brand’s strength, drives the attention of people, and conveys to them why they should order food for a particular place instead of its competitors. Now you can easily showcase your branding design for pizzeria, cafe, or restaurant. Here is a brand identity mockup that can fit your requirements. With this mockup, you can display branding design on pizza boxes, food delivery vehicles, paper pack, mug, t-shirt, cap, and more. So, use this mockup to brand a restaurant or cafe through promotional items.

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Corporate Branding Clothes Accessory Item Mockup

Through corporate identity, a company can showcase its visual aspects and design elements, ranging from logos to social media assets and stationery items. Brand image is instantly recognizable due to a strong corporate identity, and this creates a lasting impression for customers. Now you can create a corporate identity and brand business through various stationery items and merchandise. Use this corporate branding clothes accessory items mockup. With this, you can showcase a t-shirt, cap, bag, USB-flash card, mug or cup, umbrella, pen, flag, sweatshirt illustration easily.

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Round Glass Nameplate Branding Mockup

Present an excellent branding design showcase with this round glass nameplate branding mockup set. With this, you can display logos, packaging design, branding, and more from 5 different angles. All the mockup files in this set have detailed design and high resolution. Smart objects save you a significant amount of time in editing. Just double-click on the smart objects, add your own graphic designs and save the result. And most importantly, if you still face any issue using the mockup, go through the help file that comes with the set.

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Fresh Juice Logo Branding Mockup

Be it in a retail store or an online store, food branding makes a particular food item stand out from the crowd. Here is a mockup that can help you do juice packaging branding easily. You can place the brand logo along with any image or text on a juice packaging box, t-shirt, cap, or carry bag and showcase your design to the world. Furthermore, this high-quality mockup is fully customizable. So, as a result, you can have your design presentation just the way you want. Get this mockup now and enjoy editing.

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Stationery Branding Mockup

Showcase your design on various stationery items and do branding effectively. This stationery branding mockup can help you. It is a pack of 4 photorealistic compositions. In addition, its organized layers, folders, and smart objects make the editing process quick and hassle-free. Use this mockup and showcase your work on personal portfolio and social media posts.

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Promotional Display Branding Mockup

Create a flawless presentation with this promotional display mockup set. You can easily show off your logos, packaging design, branding, and more with this mockup set. It is a pack of 3 PSD files, each having high resolution. You can edit the whole thing via smart objects. Just click on the smart object a couple of times, add your own graphics, and save the result. In just a few clicks you will get a fantastic result that can never fail to impress your target audience.

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Business Card Branding Template Mockup

A business card design is an important part of the branding and should act as a visual extension of that brand design. This branding template mockup can help you showcase your brand design on a business card easily. It gives 9 different views, each having high resolution and detailed design. The pack also includes 2 backgrounds, 1 paper texture, and 6 paper colors. You can choose any and showcase your work with that. With this mockup, presenting 3 different designs at the same time is possible. The design works perfectly both in light and dark colors.

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Business Souvenir Corporate Identity Mockup

In a business souvenir, you can use a brand color, logo, and company slogan to create a solid corporate identity. Here is a business souvenir mockup that can help you showcase branding designs and slogans on various business promotional products, such as cap, t-shirt, stationery items, car, mug, CD, and more. Get this mockup now and create an impressive design illustration easily.

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Butcher Shop & Restaurant Brand Identity Mockup

Creating a solid brand identity helps a restaurant stand out in a crowd. With this, a restaurant can get a competitive advantage over others. Now you can design brand identity for a restaurant easily with this mockup illustration. This mockup is also helpful for creating branding for butcher shops, cafes and steak houses. All the design elements in it are prominent and easy to customize. Get this mockup now.

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Isometric Passenger City Bus Branding Identity Mockup

This mockup allows you to showcase branding design on a bus easily. Bus ads are visually interesting and their large and colorful designs drive the attention of viewers. So, get this mockup now and have a preview of your own bus advertising. Create a solid brand identity through bus advertising and drive a wide group of audience’s attention.

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Pizzeria, Cafe, Restaurant or Fast Food Joint Branding Mockup

Needless to say, when it comes to grabbing a cup of coffee, a quick lunch, or a fancy dinner, customers have lots of options. To stand out from the crowd, your food joint should have a well-thought-out branding strategy. It will convey to your customers a clear brand message, leave a lasting impact on them, make them choose you, and come back to you again and again. Here presents a branding mockup that can help you showcase your branding identity designs on various elements for a pizzeria, cafe, restaurant, and fast food joint. From menu board to food items, packaging to delivery van, everywhere you can showcase your brand design along with marketing messages easily.

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Cafe & Restaurant Packaging Branding Mockup

Food packaging branding is very important for a cafe or a restaurant to stand out from the crowd. Packaging should be sturdy and convenient to use. They should also look appealing enough to drive the attention of customers and make them choose the items again and again. Here is a cafe and restaurant packaging branding mockup set, having a clean, elegant, and editable layout. Its detailed designs, high resolutions, and 3D effects make the mockup simply difficult to be ignored. Get this mockup set now and start customizing. If you face any difficulty using it, go through the help file that comes with the pack.

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Business Card Branding Template Mockup

This is a square-shaped business card branding mockup, allowing you to showcase your professional branding identity design from 9 different perspectives. Its sorted layers, organized folders, and smart object option make the editing process quick and hassle-free. The set also includes 2 backgrounds and 1 paper texture. With this, you can present 3 different designs at the same time. All the final works will be photorealistic and designed with high details. So, get this mockup set now and enjoy editing.

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Branding Identity Mockup

This mockup helps you showcase your branding identity on various stationery items through photorealistic presentations. This is an advanced mockup, allowing you to showcase 4 different presentations. It guarantees you to have wonderful final work that will look perfect on both dark and bright designs. You can easily edit the whole thing, thanks to smart objects. The best thing is, it includes a help file that can guide you in using the mockup.

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Logo Mockup Featuring Business Card

A unique business logo acts as the foundation of a brand’s identity. It helps a brand grab attention, create a solid first impression, and stand out from the crowd. Now you can place a logo on a business card for brand identity. This logo mockup will help you do that effortlessly. On a business card, you can insert an image, add a logo and include text to create a presentation of branding work just the way you want. 

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Mockup Featuring 2 Coffee Cups & 2 Business Cards

This branding mockup helps you brand yourself on simple coffee cups and business cards. Why do you need it? If you are planning to launch a cafe or already an established name in the industry, having branded coffee cups can give your brand a competitive edge and help you connect with your customers. On the other hand, business cards speak volumes about what a brand is, what it offers, and how serious it is about marketing itself and business. So, branding through both coffee cups and business cards are considered as an effective marketing strategy. So, get this mockup now, easily add your brand image, text, graphic and other design elements to get an impressive final product. 

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Food Box Mockup Featuring 2 Business Cards

Branding on food boxes can be really useful for a brand to stand out from a competitive marketplace. It is an effective marketing strategy for restaurants and food delivery service providers. Now you can design food box branding easily with the help of a mockup. Presenting a simple yet professional looking easy-to-edit mockup, enabling you to showcase your branding design on food box packaging. Furthermore, with this, you can display your brand in business card templates as well. Its high resolution and realistic appearance make the template simply exclusive. You can insert different images, change the color of the business cards and food box, add a business logo, and create an impressive presentation in just a few moments.

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Mockup of a Folded T-shirt & a Business Card

With this mockup, you can feature your creative branding design on a t-shirt and business card. You can convey what your brand is through a business card. And a t-shirt can be useful as a corporate promotional item. In both ways, branding can be possible and you can get a great return on investment. Open this mockup, insert images, add text and graphics, change t-shirt color, and create your photorealistic branding presentation easily.

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Wine Glass Mockup Featuring Bottles

This beautiful mockup gives you a unique way to brand yourself. You can display your brand image and message on a wine glass. The mockup has a realistic appearance and detailed design. You can place images, add text and include graphics to the necessary places. The final presentation will look impressive. You can use such wine glasses for restaurant branding or in any event.

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Wrapping it up,

Now you have got to know about some useful and easy-to-edit branding mockups. The next step is to choose the one that can perfectly fit your next branding design project. Depending on what your brand is about and how you want to showcase it, you can choose the mockup. Good luck!


As a member of Colorlibteam, Kamalika De covers mockups, templates, and more on various topics.

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