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Upgrading Brand Identity In A Painless Way Checklist 2020

These days business campaigns are everywhere. You see numerous products or services promos. It happens all the time and you are most likely not noticing some of them. And it only means that someone was a bit lazy when working on their brand identity.

Wanna know how to avoid making the same mistake? What to start with? Which tools are better to use? Well, that is what today’s post is going to be about. Don’t stop reading as there are so many stats, tips and items, may help you with upgrading brand identity waiting ahead.

Business HTML5 Ad Animated Banner

Business 002 - HTML5 Ad Animated Banner

Basically, it takes from 5 to 7 impressions for a prospect to remember your brand. Nearly 75% of shoppers say they love companies that provide excellent technical support. No wonder, people wanna make sure that they can get help anytime. That is why it is important to add contact info to the web pages design. It should be easy-to-notice. I recommend you do add contacts to the header & footer look.

Another must-have is a quick contact form. Use it in your site design so that customers can contact you anytime. With it, you show people their opinions matter. However, website building is not the only way to make people notice your services. The same survey also shows that promoting a brand across various platforms can increase sales by up to 23%. That is why the Business 002 theme comes with Google Ad optimization. The item meets SEO requirements and provides code-free content building. Here are some of the other features the product contains in its pack:

  • Multipurpose Design,
  • Smooth Animations,
  • FREE Typography.


Design Studio Ad Animated Banner

Professional Services | Design Studio Ad Animated Banner

Would you like to make your business memorizable? Don’t miss my quick marketer’s statistics checklist at the end of the post. And here is what you should know when looking for promo campaign tools. Colors you use influence on how people would remember the brand. You can improve the brand’s recognition by up to 80%. All you need for it is to pick up the right color schemes.

Today blue is still the most popular color for brand identity projects. ⅓ of all world’s top companies include blue to their logo designs. It makes 33% of all the leading brands. Would you like to join their list? As you can see, the Professional Services set comes with a trendy design. The products included in the pack have a lot of blue but you can change it if you want. All the images are flexible and super-versatile. It means one can customize fonts, sizes, colors, and other item details.


Fashion Accessories Animated Banner

Shopping & E-commerce | Fashion Accessories Animated Banner

Everyone moves their business online since eCommerce provides one with numerous advantages. It appeared to be the most lucrative business model in 2019, and not without reason. Just compare these numerals. Online sales made 600 billion in 2011. Now the number increased to almost 2 trillion. Below you can see the main reasons people enjoy buying stuff online.

  1. Quick Process. Online shopping became a time-saving solution for lots of bussy customers.
  2. Comfort. Users like eCommerce as it allows to shop wherever you are.
  3. Feedback and reviews. Needless to say, the webspace has lots of reviews a shopper can read before buying a product.
  4. Payment Methods. It is convenient to have several payments you can choose from.
  5. Product Choice. Online shops usually offer a wider variety of items.
  6. Product Compare. It is also easier to decide what you wanna buy with the feature.
  7. Low Prices. That is why many people who visit physical stores still buy from the Internet.
  8. Sales & Special Offers.

Sure you have all the needed options? In this case, it is time to start promoting your brand. Use this shopping animated banner set to succeed. The product pack has everything and anything to craft a catchy promo.


Business Card Corporate Identity Template

Fashion Sense - Business Card Corporate Identity Template

50+% of business owners rely on marketing strategies in 2019. I think there should be many more brands to take care of their reputation. Still, you can use it to increase leads. All in all, can you imagine a well-known brand that has no marketing content? Business people spend crazy money on their promos all over the globe. So, what can you do to get more customers before 2020?

Without a doubt, business cards are a must-have tool for any business niche. Everything becomes digital nowadays. You do not need to pay a designer to get a professional campaign. Fashion Store is a complete business card template pack. Though the products are multifunctional, they ideally fit the needs of creative people. You get elements in all popular formats. Besides, the images inside Fashion Sense are ready-to-print.

Did you know that acronyms are the best thing to use for a brand name? More than 70% of top-notch companies choose them. Well, you don’t have to follow them in everything but there are several things no brand owner can avoid. For example, designing professional flyers. There will be nothing complicated. Choosing a suitable template is all you have to do.

To make a long story short, Brand is a lightweight flayer pack. The set comes for creative business niches but not only. It suits both large & small companies. By traditions, the components in the pack are wholly customizable. You can work with them in Adobe Photoshop (min cs3 to open). On average, you get 4 stylish color variations with editable texts and schemes.


Brand – Best Creative Business Flyer

Brand - Best Creative Business Flyer Vol_ 16 Corporate Identity Template

Still searching for something special to introduce your brand? Check out this strikingly-colored business flyer set in this case. In fact, many company owners don’t realize how important it is to use flyering now. The thing is that even a small 1-3% promo campaign increase may bring you hundreds of new prospects. But how to make people notice your flayers when there are many other attractive offers? Here is what you should do when working on business flyers.

  1. Stay as clear as you can. Make your best to let people understand your message. All marketing campaigns need their messages strong to grab the viewer’s attention.
  2. Visualize your message. Make it bold and captivating.
  3. Play with colors to create contrast. It will help you to highlight vital details.
  4. Easy-to-read content is also a must-have. Whatever you gonna say, be sure it is simple to read and understand.
  5. Always focus on customers, not of your company. Consider shopper’s needs when crafting business flyers.

You can take all of these and even more ready-made. Just open the details of Brand to see the other features it comes with.


Brand – Minimals Flyer

Brand - Minimals Flyer Vol_8 Corporate Identity Template

Although there are so many fashionable features to buy, minimalist solutions still make #1 choice. They are clear, cute, and very easy to view out. That is why flat design is considered to be the best option for business needs. Are you ready to grab some of it to improve your brand identity? Don’t miss this neat version of the Brand flayer set. The product is well-layered and 100% ready to customize. It has different ready-made sections to introduce your deal, including:

  • Research,
  • Training,
  • Strategy,
  • Design,
  • Contacts.


Mailbox – Business Card

Mailbox - Business Card Vol_5 Corporate Identity Template

Wanna see more items to better your business online presence? Let’s take a closer look at Mailbox tho. All in all, business cards are another essential you do need to have. There are 2 color modes to change from. Plus, you also get 3 logo styles: Reverse, B/W & Grayscale. Being versatile and well-organized, the set includes the following:

  • Color Schemes,
  • Web Fonts,
  • Printable Files.


Photography Flyer PSD Template

Photography Flyer PSD Template

Being a photographer in most cases means being busy 24/7. You can’t lose would-be-customers even if you are working all day long. That is why I recommend you to view out this photography flyer PSD set. The template perfectly fits projects related to photography services, models, bloggers, creative agencies, and more. The package contains:

  • 3 Color Schemes,
  • Changeable Texts,
  • Customizable Backgrounds.
  • Printable Files (US-letter size),
  • Short Guides.


Coat Drive Flyer

Coat Drive Flyer Corporate Identity Template

In a word, the Coat Drive package is ideal to advertise a special event. Use it to tell people about new arrivals, sales, or discounts. The elements added to the set are available in 3 color variations. In addition, you have 2 print sizes: standard US-letter & A4. Needless to say, each layout can be edited in PS without trouble. Just replace the default text and images with your content, and voila!

This awesome Coat Drive set includes the next features:

  • 6 PSD Files,
  • 300 dpi,
  • 2 Print Sizes, (8.5×11 inches & 8.26×11.69 inches)
  • Instructions.


Social Media Marketing Flyers

Social Media Marketing Flyers PSD Template

No need to say, SM platforms have a great influence on today’s shoppers. Lots of them find new items to buy via FB, Instafeed, and other platforms. To illustrate, most of BCB shoppers look for goods on LinkedIn. They make almost 85% of the audience, so you should connect to the platform as well. In a word, this SM marketing set would be a ready-made decision for a bright promo. It includes 6 pre-designed components. All the files are 100% optimized for SM.


Web Pack

Web Pack | Website Vector for Web Design and Development Agency or Company | Website Use Iconset Template

Before we have finished, I wanna discuss another essential thing. It is the icons you use. They are as critical as fonts, pics, and other components of your brand identity. Keep in mind that all aspects of the project should be high-quality. I believe it is the only way to get the attention of would-be-shoppers. That is why I added this icon set. The package consists of 60 responsive layouts. They come in 3 styles and have the Hover feature.


900+ Vector Infographic Elements

Infographic Bundle | 900+ Vector Infographic Elements

Well, any marketer would tell you that vectors are a must-have. Simply because of the fact it is easier for shoppers to memorize visual info. Therefore, I recommend you to use visuals when you need to showcase important details, like stats. Here is what you can see inside this Infographic Bundle:

  • 150 Vectors,
  • 4 Handmade color schemes,
  • AI Files,
  • Responsive design,
  • SEO-relevant content.


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Lana Miro falls in love with beautiful web design. She likes to share her experience and explore something interesting in UX&UI design, affiliate marketing, eCommerce trends etc.

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