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20 Best Bottle Mockups For Designers

20 Best Bottle Mockups for Designers

Who doesn’t know that a brand package has to work hard on a retail shelf and back bar to attract customer attention? Custom bottles show a powerful way to achieve this. They can provide a unique look while proving a great brand value. Designing such a custom bottle is now easier than ever. Do you know how? With the help of bottle mockups you can place your custom designs on the bottle and have a preview of your work. 

If you are in search of the best bottle mockup that can fit your next project requirement perfectly, you are at the right place today. In today’s post, we will discuss 20 useful bottle mockups that can help you pick the perfect one for your project.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about these mockups.

Mockup of Different Shaped Medicine Bottles

The success of the pharmaceutical industry depends not only on the product itself but most importantly, in keeping and distributing medications at an optimal state. With the right packaging, you can ensure that your products are protected from unpleasant weather conditions. Good packaging of medicines improves medication adherence and reinforces brand preference. With a mockup, you can design a custom-made medicine bottle easily. Here a mockup is available, presenting medicine bottles in different shapes and sizes. Be it bottles for drugs, tablets, drops, and spray – all can be designed with this mockup. The background is white, giving the whole design a sober look. You can customize everything and create a realistic presentation in a  breeze.

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Realistic Bottles Mockup

This is another mockup that you can use for showcasing medicine packaging bottles designs. All kinds of plastic containers for tablets, drops and spray can be designed with complete perfection. The mockup is easy to customize. Within just a few clicks you can place your design on the bottles and present the work. A realistic appearance of the final presentation will surely impress your clients and customers. Pharmaceutical packaging is very  important for branding purposes. So get this mockup now and make your packaging design stand ahead of the crowd.

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Glass Bottle Mockup for Drugs

Creative packaging increases the sales of a healthcare product. A good packaging often makes most people think that the quality of that product will also be good. Thus driving customers’ attention becomes easy. Now you can design glass bottles for various types of medicines with custom-made designs. This glass bottle mockup for drugs makes the job fast and easy for you. Other than the bottles, the transparent background shown here is also editable. Within just a few clicks you can edit the whole thing and get your final work ready.

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Liquid Soap Bottle Mockup

Product packaging, designed in various shapes, colors, and sizes, stores different items from food to beverages, medicines to cosmetics. Giving importance to product packaging is very important for brands as it helps in marketing effectively. Here is a liquid soap bottle mockup that helps you design customized liquid soap bottle packaging easily.  This is a pack of two Photoshop-compatible files – one helps you place your design on the bottle’s label and another helps you directly place your graphic on the bottle. You can modify the bottle, jet, clamp top, base color, and background easily. If you find any difficulty using the mockup, there is a help file that comes with this set to guide you throughout the process.

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Deo Spray Bottle Mockup

Is product packaging only important for ensuring that a product is safe while shipping to stores and customers or sitting on store shelves? Actually this is not the sole reason why a brand focuses on product packaging. This is a great marketing tool, helping brands catch the attention of consumers, create brand recognition, and eventually boost sales. Here is a mockup to help you present your design on a deo spray bottle. This is a one-touch mockup, helping you have a photorealistic look on your product by just putting your design. You can use this mockup to present your design on a spray bottle label and showcase that work on a website or through a presentation.

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Colored Spray Bottle Mockup

Looking for an extremely high-quality mockup that can help you present your label design on a bottle and impress your clients? Your search ends here. This colored spray bottle mockup is the perfect option for you. It is a pack of two Photoshop compatible files that help you place your design on a spray bottle and its label. Such spray bottles have great usage in dispensing cleaners, cosmetics, and chemical specialties. So, these bottles have quite good popularity. You can easily present your customized spray bottle design with the help of this mockup and grab the attention of many people. 

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Pet Water Bottle Mockup

Using custom-printed pet water bottles helps brands advertise themselves and create brand recognition. It includes one fully editable file that you can customize and create a photorealistic presentation of your design work. All elements are separated in the mockup. So, with the help of smart objects, you can easily customize the whole thing. Use this mockup now, make your water bottle packaging design unique and increase the chances of them being massively advertised.

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Transparent Medical Pill Bottle Mockup

Packaging adds value to a product, increases brand identity, boosts consumer preference, and ensures profitability. Now you can design customized medicine bottles easily with the help of this transparent medical pill bottle mockup. This mockup displays both plastic and glass jars for storing pills. You can place your design on the bottles and create customized labels. Thanks to smart objects, the editing princess is quite hassle-free. Get this mockup now and create a realistic presentation of your design work.

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Spray Bottle Mockup

This is a photorealistic, print-ready and high-quality spray bottle mockup. It includes several layers and smart objects that help you place your design on a bottle and present the work. Its detailed design and high resolution make it perfect for both personal and professional presentations. If you have your creative design ready and want to advertise your brand ona spray bottle, use this mockup. Here you can change the color of every part of the bottle, insert your design and adjust shadows and effects. Also, you can modify the background. Furthermore, you can hide some elements as per your presentation requirement. Within just a few clicks an impressive final result will be ready.

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Hairstyling Spray Bottle with Pump Mockup

In the highly competitive hairstyling business, products must stand out on the store shelf and provide value-added components such as anti-clog spray nozzles, with upscale looking graphics. Marketers want packaging that is both eye-appealing and cost-effective. In addition, packaging must reflect current trends and consumer tastes. Impress your clients with some attractive designs on hairstyling spray bottles easily. Use this spray bottle with pump mockup and do everything in a breeze. This is a pack of one high-quality PSD file. Editing it is really easy, thanks to its separate and full layers and smart objects. You can change the color of every part of the bottle as per your need and preference. If you still find any difficulty using the mockup, go through the help file that comes with it.

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Cosmetic Product Pump Bottle Mockup

Uniqueness in cosmetics packaging is important in order to drive the attention of consumers and boost sales. Even if multiple products have the same usage, the unique packaging of one can make it stand ahead of the crowd. Here is a cosmetic product pump bottle packaging mockup that can help you showcase eye-catchy designs on a pump bottle. You can place the brand name along with attractive designs on the bottle to create brand recognition. Also, you can change the color of the bottle to make it look simply fantastic. Use this mockup for packaging design presentations, magazine advertisements, and more.

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Nail Polish Bottle Mockup

The role of packaging for beauty products is not only for containing but also to enhance aesthetics. Good cosmetic packaging is involved with everything from the brand logo to the product ingredients. It catches consumers’ attention, contributes to the overall feel and image of a brand, and above all signals to consumers that the product inside is of high quality. Here is a nail polish bottle mockup that can help you design such a useful packaging. Here you can see a gold and silver metallic palette with a black background. You can place your design on the bottle, change background, adjust highlights easily. A realistic presentation will be ready in a few minutes. So, get this mockup now!

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Beauty Cream Bottle Mockup

If a packaging design grabs consumers’ attention and speaks to what they are looking for, they are likely to take that product home and give it a try. A packaging design should make a product stand out on a store shelf and get that into customers’ bags. Do you want to design such a packaging for a beauty product? Then use this beauty cream bottle mockup. Here a white bottle is visible with a plain background and some pink roses around. The whole look is quite soothing and realistic. You can place your brand logo and text on the bottle easily, thanks to the smart objects. Showcasing your design illustration on a cosmetic bottle is easier than ever. So, get this mockup now.

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Lightning Stopper Bottle Mockup

Do you want to showcase your design on a stopper bottle? Use this lightning stopper bottle mockup and do everything easily. This mockup is perfect for the presentation of a glass-bottled drink. It is a pack of two fully layered and easy-to-use PSD files. Besides the main label, there are two more elements- two labels for a bottle neck and two coasters. You can modify the background, bottle body, and the color of the juice inside the bottle easily. Also, there is a shadow on/off option available. If you find any difficulty using the mockup, go through the manual that comes with it.

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Glass Jar Mockup Set

Glass jars are really useful for storing different things and keeping them airtight. They are eco-friendly too. Now you can design customized glass jars with this mockup set. You can find here vector illustration isolated on a transparent background. Different sized and shaped glass jars are available here. If you have your creative design ready, just place on the bottles and have a preview of your final work. 

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Six-Pack of Beer Mockup

This six-pack of beer mockup is perfect for presentation projects, regardless of the purpose – personal or commercial. Here you can see a cardboard box full of green glass beer bottles. You can place your design on the label of the beer bottle. It is very easy to use. The overall look has a professional design. Just give one look and you can see the aura of expertise emanating from it. Its premium quality and realistic design make it really tough to ignore. 

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Nasal Spray Bottle Mockup

This nasal spray bottle packaging mockup gives a front angle view of a nasal spray bottle with a simple design and plain background. Using it is really easy. The whole thing is editable. All the separated elements make the editing process quick and easy. You can get photorealistic result every time you use it. For any difficulty in using the mockup, go through the support file that is available with this set in PDF format.

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Foam Bottle Mockup

Foam pump bottles have usefulness in many industries. They are useful for personal purposes too. It includes one mockup with a fully layered layout. You can edit the whole thing through smart objects. The high definition and realistic appearance make your final presentation simply impressive. With this mockup, you can present a customized metal foam bottle design easily. So, get this mockup now and impress your clients and customers with flawless designs.

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Capsule Bottle 3D Mockup

Packing capsules in small sturdy bottles can make them safe. Also, the packaging design can drive consumers’ attention. Now you can design a customized capsule bottle and showcase your design in a 3D presentation. This mockup displays a bottle in black and yellow combination, useful for storing capsules. You can change the color of the cap and body of the bottle along with the background. Create a whole new presentation with your own designs and impress your clients. 

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Wine Bottle Mockup

A very toothsome-looking wine bottle mockup is now available here for your use only. It features a bunch of wine bottles in 7 different colors. There are 2 perspectives available. You also get two different styled caps. There are also two different backgrounds available – dark and light. Choose any background, and showcase your customized wine bottle packaging design with realistic effects.  What are you waiting for? Get this mockup now, place your design on the bottles easily, create a flawless presentation, and trigger a wine fan’s attention. 

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Final thoughts,

It is vivid that most of the above-discussed mockups have different themes. But one thing is common between them, they are very easy to use. Choose the one that matches your next project’s requirement. Get it and edit as per your need and preference. Within just a few clicks your presentation will be ready and you will be happy to see it looks just the way you have ever imagined.

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