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best lightroom presets
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20 Best Lightroom Presets For Pro Results 2021

To speed up the photo retouching process and be consistent at all times, our collection of the best Lightroom presets will do the thing. While you can play around with the functions and create your own versions, a ton is at your service already.

If you need to act as quickly as possible since new work and new photoshoots are waiting, this is when the pre-made presets come super handy. Your workflow is fluent and fast and there is no worrying whether or not you will reach the same levels of quality. You simply always will. Editing only one image or a whole set of pictures from the recent photoshoot becomes so much more fun.

While each of the Lightroom presets we have listed below offers plenty of options, you can, by all means, do improvements wherever the need may be. Sometimes, a simple tweak does the trick and makes the photo shine in a whole new light.

Speaking of doing tweaks and improvements, these preset can also show and teach you how to make your own. Indeed, you can check the settings and use similar later on when crafting your own.

You need to look no further and enjoy our solid selection of tools for achieving excellent results and even expand your creative mind. Whenever it is possible, take smart shortcuts and ease the work as much as you can. Instead of undergoing the image editing process from scratch each time, a single Lightroom preset can do a significant amount of work for you. There are hundreds and hundreds available to unlock new artistic and experimental horizons.

UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS: 500,000+ Lightroom Presets & Design Assets

All the Lightroom Presets you need and many other design elements are available for a monthly subscription by subscribing to Envato Elements. The subscription costs $29 per month and gives you unlimited access to a massive and growing library of 500,000+ items that can be downloaded as often as you need (stock photos too)!

50 Premium Lightroom Presets

50 premium lightroom presets

A full pack of professional premium presets for photographers and graphic designers. However, anyone can freely use these and benefit from them just for fun, too. After all, turning random mundane images into something extraordinary is always a good thing. And avoiding the standard social media filters is cool, too. There are different presets to enhance colors, make images black and white, introduce the HDR effect and make them old and rustic. All are made with stackable adjustments so you can select only the setting you need to edit your photos. Following the precise calibration, every effect will add a distinct touch to your photos and make them one-of-a-kind easily. Reach the level of experts without a hitch. Besides, if you need support, a detailed PDF help file comes part of the pack.

More info / Download

28 Pro Wedding Presets

28 pro wedding presets

Established or new wedding photographers, you are in for a sweet treat. Turn images from the last photo shooting into an extraordinary collection and impress bride, groom, family and friends. Aside, you can also use these 28 pro wedding presets for storytelling and adding romantic vibes where needed. For your information, you can also implement these into any other image you find suitable. After all, they are considered multipurpose Lightroom presets.
With just one click, you can achieve cutting-edge quality over and over again. The presets do not change the white balance of your images. Instead, they interact with colors, contrast, exposure, black and whites, and more. Perfect for professional and amateurs who would like to speed up the photo retouching procedure. Notice: presets were built on raw images. Meaning, you will not have a problem witnessing similar results compared to the examples.

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foodkit food presets

Foodies, food bloggers, food photographers and anyone else who has something to do with food and photos, this best Lightroom presets named simply FoodKit is for you. Everyone can benefit from these and start crafting superb final products. The pack consists of two categories, Artistic and Adjustment. The former is meant for color toning and finding that special style that will clearly represent who you are. Meanwhile, the latter is more or less for white balance, better lighting and enhancing the detail. Some of the presets, you find in the package, are chocolate, amaranthine, crisp & clean, cocktail and biscuit to name a few. What’s already delicious can become even 10 times more tasty-looking. Are you up for the challenge?

More info / Download

19 Lifestyle Film Lightroom Presets & Camera Raw

lifestyle film lightroom presets camera raw

No need to be doing all the work by yourself when there are tools for achieving exceptional results available and only a click away. And these tools rapidly speed up the editing of your photos and bring your workflow on an entirely different level. Not only will you be able to take more gigs, but the level of quality is also guaranteed to be of the highest standards across all of them. These best lifestyle film Lightroom presets are great for lifestyle and travel bloggers and photographers. They come very helpful for both the novice and those who need to get a ton of work done as quickly as possible. There are 19 available which will come close to fulfilling every taste. Still, you can do your own improvements and customize the preset accordingly. There is no need to feel limited.

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Perfect Skin Presets

perfect skin presets

Those who are not involved in photography might wonder how can everyone have such perfect skin on images. That is called retouching. While you can do it all manually and spend an endless amount of time doing it, there is a whole other option available. By picking a carefully optimized perfect skin Lightroom presets, you can attain professional results in seconds. Sure, you can do modifications and adjust the preset how you like it at any time. The presets the link will take you to the best compatible with portraits. There is almost nothing you cannot do with them or their help. Using the presets out of the box will do most of the work and even finish the photo editing completely. Jump on board and turn those beautiful faces in outstanding pieces of art.

More info / Download

10 Pro Portrait Lightroom Presets

pro portrait lightroom presets

To enhance your portraits use any of these 10 Lightroom presets and make your life a whole lot simpler. For the most part, all you will have to do to see exceptional results is to click on your mouse. And that is something we can all do without even having any prior skills and experience. While presets are super newbie-friendly, they are also widely popular amongst professionals. That said, reaching beyond expectations is inevitable. Bear in mind, portrait presets work perfectly out of the box, however, when you feel improvements are required, feel free to do them. No need to think that if a particular preset does not meet your needs you have to move to the next one. Sure, if it is too obvious. But if only a slight detail misses the necessities to reach satisfaction, do change it.

More info / Download

PRO 300

pro 300 presets

For everyone who is more into the one-package-to-solve-it-all kind of a deal, PRO 300 is the way to go. This bundle has a whopping 300+ presets of all kinds to make your images rock the world. With the minimum amount of time and effort, you will bring your photos to an entirely different level with Adobe Lightroom presets. From pastel colors, fashion, hipster, landscape, urban, vintage and wedding, there is something for everyone. Ramp up your post-production with carefully made presets either you are a new photographer or an expert. There is nothing that should be holding you back. Jump in with both feet and start editing image after image, photoshoot after photoshoot. All the PRO 300 presets are non-destructive and will work with all styles of lightning comfortably.

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42 Magazine Profiles – Lightroom Presets

magazine profiles lightroom presets

For a tiny investment, you get a huge collection of 42 Lightroom presets which follow the styles of the popular magazines. You will see names of presets like Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Bazaar and Esquire amongst many others. With these, you are fully equipped for a wide range of photo editing styles. Always be prepared to hit the image with something new and make it exclusive. Save time, save money and reach out of the ordinary results. Combine 42 Magazine Profiles presets with your own experience and skills and open an endless amount of possibilities. It is easy and highly effective what instantly turns you into a professional even if you are not just yet. The time has come to get things going and experience breathtaking outcomes.

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40 HDR Professional Presets – Adobe Lightroom

hdr professional presets adobe lightroom

To add a more dynamic range (read light to dark ratio) to your images, and HDR effect becomes your best friend. The collection of professional HDR presets turns your photographies into something out of this world which is close to impossible to achieve with standard techniques. It gives a feeling that it is not actual photography rather a painting. The lightning of every photo goes above and beyond and transforms the photo drastically. It is quite easy to exaggerate with the HDR effect so be careful. To be safe with editing, 40 HDR presets, you find in the collection, help you put together stunning over and underexposed pictures. HDR is a photo practice which is in use for a long time. It might seem new only due to the fact that its popularity skyrocketed with the use of smartphones and apps.

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Kodak Gold 200 & Agfa Vista 400

kodak gold 200 agfa vista 400 lightroom presets

Two exclusive film emulation Lightroom presets which give an effect of Kodak Gold 200 and Agfa Vista 400. These two come ideal for portraits and editorial work, but you can also use them for lifestyle and travel shots. Basically, after the purchase, you can test them on a wide specter of images to see with which you achieve the best results. Additionally, you also get custom camera profiles and a practical guide on how to install the two presets. Everyone is able to put them to use and give images warmth and lovely skin tone. From the samples, you see the amazing effect Kodak Gold 200 and Agfa Vista 400 have on an image. It is definitely something that may apply greatly and further enhance your workflow.

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167 Essential Lightroom Presets

essential lightroom presets

Another massive pack of the best Lightroom presets for photographers, designers and artists. Pro and amateur level. In the batch, you are treated with a walloping amount of 167 essential presets for LR. You will find them broken down in several categories, like fashion, portrait, landscape, matter, retro and newborn. Of course, there are more but these are just to give you an idea of what it has in store for you. Predominantly, your images will be refined with just one click. The preset will do its work and add a whole new meaning to your photos. Still, you may feel free to perform adjustments and add your personal touch to it. Whatever feels right to you, with these essential LR presets, you can do pretty much whatever there is in your power.

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10 Vintage Lifestyle Lightroom Presets

vintage lifestyle lightroom presets

If vintage is something you are passionate about or the new gig requires it, Vintage Lifestyle Lightroom presets are perfect to get the job done. The implementation is ridiculously simple and the outcome top notch. Have in mind, all 10 presets won’t do you well if the images are over or underexposed, photos have no background or the quality is low. On the other hand, when the quality is high, these will do you tremendously well. Let it be landscape, lifestyle, street life, or a delicious cookie, a vintage filter can influence the image in an awe-inspiring way. Like with any other preset so far or a whole set of them, you can modify it to your needs. In the majority of situations, LR presets work fantastically out of the box.

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50 Premium Food Photography Lightroom Presets

premium food photography lightroom presets

If you ever wondered how a viewer can taste your delicious food creations through a photo, wonder no more. There are special tools available that make your images 10 times more mouthwatering. By simply applying premium food photography Lightroom presets, lusciousness hits everyone involved. It will be hard to bear with the photographs that you will turn your originals into. But keep the saliva for some other time. Let’s now focus on a large package of 50 food-related presets. First and foremost, just about everyone who has something to do with food and taking pictures can use these. Whether you run a personal home-cook blog, are a wedding photographer or a food shutterbug, these will come handy for all of you.

It’s time to take things into your own hands and start producing truly inspiring creations. They support all the main formats, as well as PSD files. While they might not tell you much just yet, these are some of the presets you get: Per Se Matte, Noma Light Leaks, Tantris, L’Oasis and many more. Be consistent throughout your whole workflow at all times and never lack professionalism. Presets are too easy to implement them into your photo processing techniques so make sure to take them to your advantage.

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15 Balinese Pastel Premium Presets For Lightroom

balinese pastel premium presets lightroom

Bali is a fantastic and beautiful location full of amazing colors and good vibes. To bring this exact theme to your photographs, here are 15 Balinese pastel premium Lightroom presets. Enhancing images with these will make you reach an entirely new chapter and make an impression on everyone who stumbles across your creations. And what is the best part of all this? You can make it happen within seconds. After you complete the installation process, all there is you need to do is to click on your mouse or track pad and you are done. Sometimes, the simplest things are the most powerful ones. Some of the Balinese presets are quite plain and basic while the others are dramatic and artistic. A mixture of both gives you a vast amount of choices for pro retouching.

More info / Download

25 Pretty Portraits Lightroom Presets

pretty portraits lightroom presets

There are 25 portraits optimized Lightroom presets to make an experience with editing an entertainment. Some of them are Golden, Dhalia, Paradise, Luxury and Night. Discover more on the go and see how well you can remodel the existing photos. Be prepared to go wow. Not only you but to amaze everyone else whether that is a client or a fan of your work. Smart adjustments, clean arrangements, 100% non-destructive and even online support, all this is what you get with the solid pack of photo editing goodies.

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15 Soft HDR Lightroom Presets

soft hdr lightroom presets

While HDR can be too much of editing for a particular photo, on the other hand, it can have a very positive effect. Your images become somehow majestic and start grabbing attention. Dark colors become darker and light color brighter. The contrast that forms is astounding and makes you instantly hungry for more. You can all achieve just that right now. Here are 15 soft HDT Lightroom presets which will do just the right amount of optimizing of your pictures. However, if you feel there is still too much or even too little enhancement, you can make alterations manually.

HDR effect will increase the dynamic range of your photos but still stay genuine to its roots. There is no need to be holding yourself back once you get access to such amazing tools that increase your production rapidly and still keep your expertness intact.

More info / Download

22 Lifestyle Van Life Lightroom & ACR Presets

lifestyle van life lightroom acr presets

Pre-tested on a wide range of different images to ensure you the same results with your photo creations at any given time. Here is a fresh selection of 22 lifestyle van life best Lightroom presets. One thing is for sure; you do not have to live in a van to be able to use these. Anyone can use them and they can execute the presets for all sorts of image themes. They will work great with people and nature and other photos. The 22 presets do not change the white balance rather work with exposure, contrast, blacks and whites. There is no need for camera calibration profiles and the adjustments are not necessary. Yet again, if you feel like an individual image should be further optimized, by all means, go ahead and put your skill in play.

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