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Free Photoshop Actions
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19 Best Free PhotoShop Actions That Save Time 2017

Avoid repeating yourself over and over again and choose from our carefully selected free PhotoShop actions which will make your life a lot simpler. Instead of wasting a lot of time undergoing the same steps, “actions” are a great feature for every PhotoShop user. In some way, you automate the editing process of an image. This way, you save a lot of time and still reach the same levels of quality. Work smart, not hard they say.

You can download free PhotoShop actions straight away and start using them immediately. While some act almost like an Instagram filter, doing everything for you, the others come with a simple guide. Although you still have to do it manually, you only have to follow a set of steps to complete the editing process. Either way, you will repeatedly reach the same goals in little to no time. You cannot say no to simplifying the work with free tools.

Browsing online, you will find an endless collection of free PhotoShop actions. There is one to meet almost everyone’s needs. But bear in mind, not all actions are suitable for every picture. You will get the gist of it once testing different variations. When you get the feel of it, editing images will be a piece of cake. Go on and create something entirely different compared to the original photo.

For everyone interested in learning more about PhotoShop, check out our tutorials for creating a logo design and custom text effects.

Glitch Effect

glitch effect photoshop action
If you are a fan of old VHS tapes’ quality, chances are, you will love the free Glitch Effect. It will effortlessly add a glitch feel to your photo and make it look one of a kind. Turning a simple and mundane image into something new and eye-catching is almost too easy to be true. You can achieve awesome retro VHS effect with this cool PhotoShop action which consists of 1 PSD file. While Glitch in one way degrades the quality of your image, at the same time, grunge fans go crazy for. You can use the action for both personal and commercial use and play around with it as much as you would like.

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nightmare photoshop action
If you would like your photo to look like it is from a horror movie then the Going Under action from the Nightmare PhotoShop actions collection is the one to go with. It is a fantastic way to make your images something special and give them a shivering feel. Whether or not you aim to attain a scary and cold effect, that is totally up to you. But one thing is for sure, you can get there or at least very close to it with the Going Under. On the free download page of the action, you will notice that you do not get only one action. As it turns out, Going Under is part of a free bundle which consists of 20 Lightroom and 20 PS actions. Add a special touch to your pictures and make them stand out.

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toasted photoshop action
We all like the smell of something toasting especially in the mornings when the scent of warm bread hits our nostrils. Not only is the smell fine, but your mouth also salivate when seeing the toast brown and caramelized. Now, you can achieve a similar effect with this cool PhotoShop action simply called Toasted. There are a whole bunch of filters you can add to a stunning landscape image (or any other). Make them taste like vanilla, cinnamon, cream and even a marshmallow. It is a really nice finish which feels very vintage-ish. You might not need it just yet but have it ready on your disk for when the requirement arises.

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HDR Photoshop Action

hdr photoshop action
To truly take your photos to a whole new level, an HDR effect will do its magic. It makes the image look something special, outstanding, if you will. With just a few clicks, you can easily turn your image into a real masterpiece that will amaze everyone seeing it. In fact, it will wow even you. Bear in mind, do not exaggerate with the HDR effect. It easily makes the photo unrealistic and almost silly. However, at the end of the day, it is up to you what you are in need for. But it will clearly ramp things up for your image and fill it with insane amounts of life.

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Forf’s Action Pack

forfs photoshop action
When you need not one but several PhotoShop action in one pack, this beautiful collection is the one to go with. There are 5 different filters that you can place over your photos and make them unique. Sharp edges, aged-look and crisp clean finish, that is all what you can achieve with Forf’s pack of PS actions. For everyone new to the actions, there are also two guides how to install them and start using them for your own needs. How to set things up will feel like you are doing it for years although it might be your very first time. With very little work invested, you can make yourself look like a true professional while you might still be just starting out your PhotoShop journey.

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Old Film

old film photoshop action
There is something that we all like about an old film. It gives us instant nostalgia and brings back the memories. Whatever your reason may be, but we are all to some extent obsessed with the past. And photos are a fantastic way to keep the memories from fading away. Adding an Old Film effect to a new image might sound a bit absurd but we all know how much we enjoy it. Give that exact feel to your pictures with a fine PS action and make the photos look old-fashioned. But in a good way, of course. You can use it for nature, cities, people, almost any type of a photo. Make people remember the old times.

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Intense Cinema

intense photoshop action
We are all inspired by the cinematic quality we pleasure ourselves with in theaters and home cinemas. Reaching the same standards might require a huge investment and a ton of takes. To avoid all that, heck, to avoid even the photo editing, you can come super close with the Intense Cinema PhotoShop action. On top of that, you can do it over and over again in just a few clicks. No need to repeat the tedious process each time, that is what the PS actions come very handy. They are a superb approach to editing a photo when you know what you are after. Not only that, it makes the novice look like true experts.

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faded photoshop action
In a matter of seconds, you can add a nice fade over your photos and make them look even better than they already are. You see everyone using fades, whether on social media or promotional material for their eCommerce store. Depending what the targeted audience is, an outstanding fade effect can have a big impact on the crowd. They will surely all go “wow.” Now you can do it all on your own with an “action” that rapidly speeds up the image editing operation. Give it a shot and see instant results and have a new pic ready for publishing or personal collection.

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Bold B&W HDR

bold bw hdr photoshop action
HDR effect is on its own absolutely amazing but mixing it with black and white makes it reach a whole other level. It is a really exclusive action which only a selected few might find useful. By applying a bold black and white HDR look to your photos, they will turn out completely different. If the original version might be boring and you are into B&W, by all means, use this free PhotoShop action and be impressed. In just a few short steps, you turn your image into a magnificent creation. There is nothing stopping you from achieving just that. Act now and test the B&W HDR effect on different pictures to see what works and what does not.

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retro photoshop action
Some people like the retro and some do not, period. Those who are in between are rare finds or maybe they still have not decided if it is their thing or not. For many, this breathtaking Retro PS action will not only satisfy their needs but their fans and followers’, too. Maybe your client is also down for the retro touch. If you are ready to take action, do it right now and start experimenting with the retro feel and see how well it goes with your images. It might fill the picture theme with a whole new meaning and add warmth to it. It requires a tiny fracture of your time to see the first results.

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Violet Light Leak

violet light leak photoshop action
When you would like to add a one-of-a-kind feel to your images, this Violet Light Leek PhotoShop action becomes your best friend. In brief, it is a purplish color with fade that makes the picture shine in a whole new light. The effect comes absolutely lovely for outdoor photos of people and nature on a sunny day. The violet glow turns the picture sweet, almost romantic and very appealing to the eye. If that is something that you are into or would just like to have some fun with, download it now, it is free after all. Hint: once you download the file, you get Shutter Pulse’s other PS actions in the bundle.

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Portrait Action

portrait photoshop action
To improve your portrait game, bring things up a few notches with this highly useful Portrait action for PhotoShop. There is a whole how-to written on the download page for you to use it correctly. The step by step process guides you through giving your portraits a whole new look. Choose the sharpness that feels right for you and continue the task until you are fully satisfied with saturation. But to truly understand how much you can achieve with the Portrait action, put it to use since it comes free of charge. Be prepared to witness some remarkably great results with a simple to use tool.

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Crimson Shimmer

photoshop crimson shimmer action
To add a Crimson Shimmer to your images, here is a special PhotoShop action that does just that for you. It is extremely easy to use it and adjust the opacity of each layer. You can also simply remove a particular layer if you do not need it. Moreover, Crimson Shimmer action is compatible only with CS2-CS6 extended versions. You cannot use it with PhotoShop Elements or other photo editing programs. Do yourself a favor and save a ton of time if this is the effect you tend to use on a regular basis. Instead of doing every step again and again, with a simple action you can get from original to end product in a matter of a few clicks.

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copper photoshop action
Copper may give a cozy and soft feel to your images especially to those which are meant for it. Download and install the PhotoShop action and see the magic happen. You can adjust the action according to your needs but that is totally optional. It might be that Copper will work smoothly out of the box. To really see the difference, copy the original image first and then compare it with the final product. And if you are satisfied with the effect, you can then repeatedly use it for whichever photo you would like to have a copper feel to it.

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Soft Pastel

photoshop soft pastel action
To come close or on the same level as the wedding or baby photographies are, a soft pastel color impression gives it this distinct touch to it. We have a free PhotoShop action here which takes care of it in a fracture of time. Download it and apply it in an instant without you doing all of it yourself. Once you finish the editing, you can show off your awesome skills although there was not that much work involved. But who would know it, right? Notice: you do not have to use the Soft Pastel action with the wedding and baby photographies only. Wherever it feels right, improve your images accordingly.

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Vintage Heaven

free vintage heaven photoshop action
Save time that is needed for adding a vintage effect to your images with an appropriate PhotoShop effect. Not only do you save time, but the action also gives your pictures professional results and automate the workflow. If you did it all step by step up until this point, you can finally relax and chill. From now on, you will do the same amount of work in no time. Whether you have only one or a collection of images, with Vintage Heaven you can edit no matter the amount of photos you have that need retouching quickly. Like with any other from our collection of the best free PhotoShop action, this is, as well, one fantastic tool to help you have fun editing shots.

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Aesthetic Vintage Wedding

aesthetic vintage wedding photoshop action
For all the wedding photographers out there, this free bundle of PhotoShop actions is perfect to process your pictures like an expert would. There are a whopping 15 Aesthetic Vintage Wedding actions to offer you a whole range of possibilities. With one set, you have all your needs and requirements fulfilled. All the action you find in the compilation enhance you wedding photographies with beautiful colors. Your final work will be outstandingly beautiful.

The bundle is compatible with PhotoShop CS1 and above and comes with a detailed instruction. You can modify every action to easily adapt your photo and add a realistic grain vintage effect. Have in mind, these actions do not work with Lightroom. Are you ready to take your wedding pictures to a higher tier? Now you can easily and efficiently.

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Vintage Light Leak

free vintage light leak photoshop action
Doing it all on your own might not be the simplest task especially if you are inexperienced. I am talking about achieving the light leak or even the lomo effect with PhotoShop. One of the easiest ways to avoid all of this is by using free PhotoShop actions for marvelous light leaks. To go even further with polishing your images, this light leak PS action even adds a vintage feel to the image. If you are short on time or you simply find it a bit too complicated the quickest way is to download and install the light leak file and make it happen by pressing the play button. It is just as easy as it sounds.

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marshmallow photoshop action
Enhancing your images with a marshmallow, even pastel, look is way easier than you may think. For PhotoShop, you can simply pick the needed action, and you are closer than ever to enrich the images as you fancy. With a specific set of preset recordings of commands, you can apply the filter to any image in PS and transform it with one click. Save yourself minutes, hours and systemize the transformation of your pictures. You are closer than ever to reaching the high-standards following levels of photo editing. For everyone new, it might feel like an impossible task to properly tweak the photo. But you probably have not discovered free PhotoShop actions yet. You will be amazed by the fact how easy it is to add desired effects to your images.

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