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BeAwesome WordPress Theme Review: For Creative Online Portfolios

If you‘re a creative who hosts their work on Behance, then the BeAwesome WordPress theme we’re reviewing today will be of particular interest to you.

On the other hand, if you’re not on Behance or you don’t yet have a suitable online portfolio, by the end of this article you’ll have been introduced to a solution to your problem. A solution that can help you gain more exposure, land more clients, and forge more connections in your chosen field.

What we are looking at today is a way to create a stylish website for your online portfolio, whilst also having the option of leveraging the power of one of the most popular online communities for creative types that is Behance.

The BeAwesome WordPress theme featured in this review aims to make creating a stylish and professional online portfolio as easy as possible. The BeAwesome theme also has the ability to integrate any of the work you are hosting on Behance, and display it on your website as part of your own personal portfolio.

If you’re a creative – whether that’s as a designer, illustrator, photographer, or in some other form – and you want a way to make an impact online, then the BeAwesome theme aims to help you meet your goals.

BeAwesome Theme Review Portfolio

About the BeAwesome WordPress Theme

As mentioned BeAwesome is a modern portfolio WordPress theme. This theme has been build for amateur creatives and professional visual artists looking for a quick and easy way to present their work online in stylish surroundings.

Furthermore, as this theme has been built to integrate WordPress with the Behance online portfolio service from Adobe, you won’t have two portfolios to manage. Neither will you have to decide between maintaining your own website and leveraging the power of one of the largest online communities for creatives.

With BeAwesome, you can do both with ease. This theme enables you to create your own website but still display your work on Behance. This allows you to gain more exposure for your projects through the Behance community, while still having your own professional portfolio that you can show to new clients and potential collaborators.

Behance is a great service and hosting your work there has many benefits. However, sometimes it’s more appropriate to present your work in isolation, on your own website that you have total control over, rather than alongside the work of countless other talented artists.

That is why the BeAwesome WordPress theme was created and thanks to its close integration with Behance, you can have the best of both worlds without duplicating your efforts. So let’s take a look at the other highlights of this theme, before exploring what it’s like to use when it comes to building a stylish online portfolio with WordPress.

BeAwesome WordPress Theme Review: Design and Appearance

BeAwesome Theme Review Homepage

It’s always important that a WordPress theme looks good. But this is much more important when it comes to themes that have been built to help artists and creatives publish their work online.

Thankfully, BeAwesome doesn’t disappoint in this department. The design and appearance of this theme is very original and will make a big impact on your visitors. Furthermore, if you’ve rejected WordPress in the past as the platform for your website, thanks to BeAwesome, it’s time to reevaluate that positon.

BeAwesome Theme Review Portfolio Section

BeAwesome looks nothing like a typical WordPress theme and your online portfolio will look nothing like a typical WordPress website. For starters, there’s no uniform two-column layout. You won’t find a fixed sidebar of widgets here. Neither will you see a standard header navigation area.

BeAwesome Theme Review Menu

With the BeAwesome theme, your website will have a unique yet intuitive user interface, replacing the boring fixed horizontal set of links and drop down menus found on nearly all other WordPress websites. Even regular website staples like vertical scrollbars are used sparingly by BeAwesome. In fact, it’s fair to say that this is one of the least obvious WordPress themes out there at the moment.

So if you’ve not been a fan of WordPress in the past, or you feel that your current WordPress website could do with a makeover, it’s definitely time to take a closer look at BeAwesome.

BeAwesome Portfolio Pages

BeAwesome Theme Review Transition Screen

When creating a website with BeAwesome, your portfolio can be divided up into easy to manage categories. Furthermore, each of your portfolio pieces gets its own section on your site and as mentioned, you have the option of importing your work from Behance. Another nice touch is the stylish transition screens that are displayed while the main portfolio content is loading.

BeAwesome Theme Review Portfolio Cover

Once the individual portfolio piece has loaded, your visitors can then scroll down the page to view all the content in that project. This content can be a combination of text, images, and video, arranged in any order you see fit.

Attractive Blog Design

Another highlight of the BeAwesome online portfolio theme design is its blog templates. If you want to blog about your work or other aspects of your life, then BeAwesome can provide you with the perfect environment.

BeAwesome Theme Review Blog

The blog archive page has been designed to display your latest posts in style while the individual post templates include a large featured image that is sure to impress your readers. The typography choices work really well together and the lack of a sidebar on the default single blog post template does a great job of letting your content breathe and take center stage.

BeAwesome Theme Review Blog Post

Blogging can be a great way to better connect with your target audience and bring more traffic to your website. By taking advantage of the fundamentals of content marketing, each blog post that you publish increases the chances of your online portfolio being discovered.

Whether that’s from people searching Google and finding your blog posts, stumbling across a shared article on social media, or following a link to your content on another website, the more you blog, the more visibility your work will have. For all but the most modest of artists, exposure is something we can all benefit from.

About Page Layout

BeAwesome Theme Review About

If you want to share your story with the world, there’s an interesting about page template that you can make use of. This allows you to publish more information about the person behind the work.

Overall, the design and appearance of the BeAwesome WordPress theme will do a great job of presenting your portfolio of work. With stylish looks and engaging animation and interaction effects, this theme will help you create a captivating home for your projects.

BeDojo – Behance Works WordPress Portfolio Plugin

One of the core features of the BeAwesome theme is that it makes use of the BeDojo WordPress plugin, also from Themes-Dojo – the creators of this WordPress theme.

Therefore, if you’re an artist who’s seeking a way to import all of your Behance portfolio projects into a WordPress website, this theme and plugin combination are just what you’ve been looking for.

The integration process is very simple and once the connection between your WordPress website and Behance account has been made, you’ll be able to import your content into your website with ease.

Thanks to the filter features of the plugin, you can choose which of your work from Behance is imported into your WordPress website. You also have a good amount of control over how that content is displayed, including three grid layout modes, and a detailed portfolio manager interface.

Like the rest of the BeAwesome theme, the Behance content you import into your website is fully responsive for easy viewing on small screen mobile devices.

Normally the BeDojo WordPress plugins costs $18, but by choosing the BeAwesome theme, it’s included in the package at no extra cost to you.

Using the BeAwesome WordPress Theme

When it comes to creating an online portfolio with WordPress and the BeAwesome theme, the process is very straightforward. After installing and activating the theme and the included BeDojo plugin, you can get started by creating a new page and then choosing from one of the homepage templates included in the package.

BeAwesome Theme Review Template

Once you’ve applied a template to this page, you can then set it as the homepage of your website through the WordPress settings screen.

If you are importing content from your Behance portfolio, you can then switch to the BeDojo section of your WordPress admin area and decide which projects you want to display on the homepage of your website.

As well as choosing which projects to display on the homepage of your website, you can also control which projects from Behance are displayed in the portfolio section of your website. Again, this all takes place through the BeDojo section of your WordPress dashboard. Hiding items here will prevent them from being displayed in the online portfolio area of your WordPress website.

Creating the about page follows a similar approach. Get started by creating a new page, and then apply the FullScreen Page template to the page. You can then add your content to the page through the WordPress editor.

BeAwesome WordPress Theme Review: Customization Options

BeAwesome Theme Review Customizer

When it comes to personalizing your website, you can use the WordPress Customizer to modify the appearance of the theme.

Through the Customizer, you can change the main logo of your website, personalize the colors used by the menu, modify the appearance of the preloader, and a lot more, all with a live preview of your changes as you make them.

BeAwesome Theme Review Customizer Blog Settings

The Customizer also makes it easy to quickly change the blog hero image, as well as the typography settings for your written content.

BeAwesome WordPress Theme Pricing Information

The BeAwesome WordPress theme is a commercial product and it can be purchased from the popular ThemeForest marketplace at a competitive price.

As mentioned, this price includes the premium BeDojo plugin that will connect your WordPress website to your Behance portfolio and then import your work into your new online website. This not only helps you to save $18 but also removes much of the time and effort required in managing and integrating your online portfolios.

As part of your purchase, you get access to lifetime product updates and six months of support from the theme developers.

BeAwesome WordPress Theme Review Conclusion

As you can see from this BeAwesome WordPress theme review, this product has a very impressive design. This template really doesn’t look like your typical WordPress theme, and thanks to its unique layout and navigation system, neither will your portfolio look like a typical WordPress website.

When it comes to the technology on offer here, BeAwesome is a simple yet effect WordPress theme.

Apart from the purpose built BeDojo plugin – which handles the Behance integration – BeAwesome doesn’t rely on or require additional plugins to do its job. This helps simplify the user experience, both from the perspective of a webmaster and the end users. There are fewer plugins to keep up to date, and less fancy widgets to distract your visitors, allowing them to focus on your work instead.

Even the BeAwesome theme modification controls are delivered through a core component of WordPress, in the form of the Customizer interface. This is opposed to relying on a custom built theme options control panel, as is often seen elsewhere. This helps to make it much easier for new WordPress users to personalize their website, while also being familiar to more experienced users.

If you’re already active on Behance, then choosing BeAwesome is the obvious next step when it comes to promoting your work online and building up your own independent portfolio.

However, even if you aren’t using Behance, this theme is still a good solution for those in need of a modern online portfolio for their work. Thanks to the seamless Behance integration, if you’ve been thinking about joining this online community, now with BeAwesome, you have a great reason to do so.

If you’re ready to take your online portfolio to the next level, then the BeAwesome theme and WordPress come highly recommended.

Find out more about BeAwesome today

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