20 Of The Most Beautiful Website Templates 2018

If you are looking for the most beautiful website templates, the collection is here, ready for you to investigate it. Out there, the amount of templates that are appealing to the eye is immeasurable. But what is beautiful for me does not necessarily mean it is beautiful for you, too. I might like super minimalistic design while you dig something more colorful and playful. To each their own.

That’s why you will find a wide range of beautiful website templates in the list below. From mobile app lander and beauty salon to agency, portfolio and online resume, there is a template for each and then some. In between, you will also find multi-purpose website templates to offer you even more varieties. For your information, most of the templates also come with different demos and plenty inner pages to take care even of those who are hard to please.

You might even find all these stunning website templates as an inspiration. See what is possible regarding web design and features and create the ultimate website for your or your client’s project.

The beautiful website templates we gathered for you are all based on HTML and Bootstrap Framework to ensure you full flexibility. They are highly customizable and super simple to use and work with. Needless to say, they are 100% mobile-friendly for your websites to fluently adjust to any screen resolution. In brief, these templates are a shining example of what beautiful means.


Let’s get Straight to beautiful website templates, shall we? Did you see what I just did there? Pretty clever, don’t you think? Anyway, from now on, let’s be as serious as possible. After all, we are talking about tools that help you create outstanding websites for your businesses, agencies and personal projects. And they are not only as professional as possible, they are also exceptionally gorgeous.

Straight is a business consulting website template with a neat and straightforward design. It comes with five predefined demos (more to come!) and several other inner pages. The template is responsive, sports pixel perfect coding, uses latest Bootstrap Framework and has integrated contact form and Google Maps. Parallax background makes the layout even more enticing while testimonials section helps you built customer trust. If you offer consultancy, sort your web presence out with Straight template.

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You might be running a 5-star hotel but if your website is not following the highest standards, heck, is outdated, it is quite possible that you are losing a ton of clients. You better use SkyLine beautiful website template for your page and spark interest in everyone who visits your page. SkyLine is a hotel website template that you can use not only for hotels but villas and luxury resorts, too. So far, there are four front pages ready to use but you can expect more to drop with future template updates. Speaking of updates, every SkyLine users get them for free along with great support.

Some of the fundamental features of SkyLine template are booking form, delightful gallery, banner slider and animations. SkyLine supports videos, mega menu, is entirely optimized for search engines and retina ready. Indeed, SkyLine was developed with mobile users in mind.

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You sure need a beautiful website template to showcase your fresh mobile or web app. Make it appear in the finest light and hit new users with a remarkable online presentation. One of the templates that will do exactly that and plenty more is Appland. With seven iOS demos and seven Android demos, a quick start is highly possible. Pick the one you find the most suitable for your product and begin editing it. Appland is a one-page website template with all the necessary sections and elements. In addition, you also get three more blog pages that you can use for content marketing.

Besides all the mentioned, Appland treats you with integrated MailChimp, functional contact form and a clean HTML5 and CSS3 code. Customizing Appland template feels very natural.

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BeautyPress is a beautiful website template for spas, wellness centers, beauty salons and similar businesses. An army of features and predefined content hit every user what ensures creating the exact website he or she dreamt about. With five index page variations, you can quickly find the solution for your project and improve it to your likings. To cover just about every sector of your business, BeautyPress has over forty extra pages to further speed up the page building task.

Due to the fact that BeautyPress is a Bootstrap 4 template, you know it is flexible and easy to customize. Various menu and footer styles, easy on the eye portfolio, parallax effect and video background, BeautyPress has a variety of solid features. Moreover, the menu smoothly hides on scroll but reveals when you start scrolling back to the top. If you are in the beauty business, any type, BeautyPress is the template that will do you well.

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For personal pages, D.saha is the beautiful website template that you must check out if you have not yet. Powered by the latest technologies, D.saha will never let you down. Instead, you will be fully prepared to create even the most demanding website for one of your numerous clients. But if it is for yourself, and even if you have barely any programming skills, D.saha is simple enough to work with. In other words, editing and customizing the template will not be at all challenging. Quite the opposite. You will have fun putting together the needed website for your freelancing business or creative agency.

Kick things off with D.saha’s eight home page layouts and blend the one you like the most with other elegant pages. D.saha is SEO optimized, cross-browser compatible and rich in features.

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The diversity of our beautiful website templates continues with Camel. It is a digital agency and business website template ideal for startups, small companies, freelancers and the like. Camel is a nifty tool with one powerful home page along with several other highly useful inner pages. Those are for writing about your business, go in-depth with your services and contact page with Google Maps and working contact form. There are more but these are the essential.

Camel not only saves you time but the money just as well. For instance, premium Slider Revolution is part of the package at no extra cost. All the files of Camel are organized and commented for everyone to be familiar with the product right off the bat. No need to have any serious prior coding knowledge, Camel is newbie-friendly.

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Sepia is a photography website template for photographers, studios and agencies. With eight home styles and a total of well over seventy pages, you can create almost any type of website you fancy. Look through the live preview first and get familiar with how much you can do using Sepia template. Along with the photography thing, Sepia is also a lovely addition to our best beautiful website templates. From landing-style, slideshow, categories carousel and video intro front pages to name a few to the amazing features, your page will simply be a remarkable online spot where likeminded folks will love hanging out.

Each of the available layouts that you get with Sepia offers to choose between dark and light version. For the majority, you will need to invest barely any work and have a page set up with Sepia template.

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Alien is a beautiful website template with multiple roles. In other words, you can use the template for agency, business, corporate, creative, education and portfolio pages. But truly, you can build any website with Alien. It supports online stores and does not shy away from putting together a nifty landing page for your mobile app. Alien is a multi-purpose template with over 240 pages and more than forty home styles. I know right, thinking about those numbers makes you feel dizzy. However, you will spend loads of time browsing through the content in the live preview.

But first, let’s take some extra time to list down a few of the features that Alien prides itself with. Free Revolution Slider, contact form, pricing tables, parallax section and many more delicacies is what Alien treats you with.

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The above print screen and the name of the template, Appro, tell you pretty much everything you need to know. It is a beautiful website template for app and software landing pages. The tool is simple to use and does not cause any challenges regarding customizing it. With Appro, your product stands out on the world wide web with a website optimized to the T. The HTML3 and CSS3 code is validated, the layout responsive and, as well, retina display ready. Appro is also compatible with all the web browsers and powered by Bootstrap Framework.

Choose from the predefined demos and start improving the layout with your content. Appro has an integrated reservation form and Instagram feed, divine video presentation section and other convenient elements.

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We simply cannot miss a coming soon template in this collection of the most beautiful website templates. You do want to start the hype with something clean and to the point, don’t you? If you are in the process of launching a new project or an online store, announce the big day early with Axio. Out of the box, Axio delivers four demos; particles, kenburn YouTube video and image version. Moreover, each of the variants comes in five modern color presets. Wait until you see the pink yarrow/island paradise color scheme. It is sensational.

Typewriter effect, custom Google Maps that follow the color scheme’s style, MailChimp, GULP and SASS powered, you name it, Axio has all the latest and greatest features and benefits. You sure do not need to worry about the coming soon or even under construction page anymore.

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All your online CVs just got sorted out with Certy resume website template. It is pretty, it is contemporary, it is for her and it is for him, it is everything. Am I a poet? No. But I do know a thing or two about our beautiful website templates.

To grab your future employer’s attention, create a resume website with Certy. No need for you to be sending out the good old and boring CV like others are doing it. Go entirely against the grain and approach the boss or manager with a website. They will be surprised by your cleverness and enjoy checking out your skills, work experience and other interesting fun facts. Animations, sophisticated portfolio grid and references section, Certy knows what works with employers. Everyone owning Certy can also create a personal blog to increase his or her potential.

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If gardening is not a cool thing, you might still be way too young. However, if you are in the game, Landscaping is the landscape, gardening and agriculture website template for you. It is a beautiful website template and a complete solution to bring about a pretty website for any business that you may run inside the industry. Even if you are offering mundane gardening services, why wouldn’t you want to step it up and construct a website to advertise yourself?

With four and counting dedicated home pages, Landscaping makes your lives simple and exceptionally productive. When it comes to putting together the required website, you are now able to do it in the shortest amount of time. Plus, you do not have to hire professionals to do it for you. You will unlock the professional within you and craft the most advanced gardening website.

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Event Organizer

Do you need a beautiful website template for conference and event? If so, you better check out Event Organizer. It is everything you need to develop a website for your forthcoming event that you are hosting. Five index pages are kinda all you need since Event Organizer is a one-page website template. Visitors do not have to jump from page to page to find more details about the next conference and even a webinar, it is all a matter of a few scrolls away.

Event Organizer has all the vital parts of a supreme events website. Countdown timer, speaker, sponsor and gallery sections, register and booking forms, schedule and pricing tables, it is all there you just need to update it with your information and other whatnots.

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BigEvent template is big for a reason. For festival, reunion, gig, summit and conference websites, you can use one tool for numerous types of sites easily and effortlessly. It has fourteen homes of which each has a unique layout that will help you rock the online world. Your visitors will turn into attendees due to the information-rich website that BigEvent template will help you forge. Do not miss any of them and make it a sold-out gig, seminar or whatever you are hosting. Or if you are an event organizer, use BigEvent to push each event to its full potential.

While you can use a specific demo as it comes out of the box, bear in mind, they are all super customizable. Tailor the one you fancy the most exactly how you desire. Transform BigEvent event website template into a terrific and appealing web facility.

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Medlink Direct

There are hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful website templates for every niche that you can think of. Medlink Direct is a directory website template for doctors. It is a neat and a clean tool just like you expect it would be. The design is crisp clean with many awesome elements and plenty of handy features. Out of fourteen demos, finding the one that ideally suits your needs will be very possible. Even if the one you like the most does not have the entire web design optimized for your online project, by all means, make adjustments and update it. The code is, after all, super user-friendly.

Medlink Direct has appointments, private email messages, schedule, two different search results and a strong attention to detail and readability.

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With an all-around and beautiful website template, like Pecto is, you can take care of a good deal of businesses websites. And the best things is, you do not have to come up with the design all by yourself. Pecto has demos for consultant, construction, gym, medical, mobile app, corporate and personal pages. Besides, you will also find a complete blogging solution and several other advantageous pages. Roughly said, Pecto template is for everyone.

Pecto is responsive and retina ready to look magnificent on any device. Mobile, tablet and desktop users, everyone will experience your website in a memorable way. Moreover, Pecto has a multi-level mega menu, parallax effect, responsive carousel and one-of-a-kind slider effects. Get website of the highest quality and top-notch UX up an running in little to no time.

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Lovely Wedding

It is almost impossible to publish a list of the best beautiful website templates without one dedicated to weddings. Or maybe that is just me. Who agrees with me?
Lovely Wedding is an HTML5 and Bootstrap Framework template to make sure it reaches all levels of users. Meaning, this might be your very first website or you might have hundreds of pages under your belt already. Lovely Wedding starts your website developing journey with fourteen pretty and polished demos. There are two main versions, one with the menu at the top and one with menu after the slider. Of course, each demo has other fantastic traits to turn the wedding website template demo of choice into an appealing and functional site.

What’s more about the Lovely Wedding template is the working RSVP form, bride and groom details, countdown and flawless animations. With the included documentation and the fact how easy it is to customize it, you will hammer out the desired page shortly.

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Simpleux is not only a simple but a beautiful website template, too. However, isn’t it obvious that simple is beautiful? Anyhow, Simpleux is way more than the mentioned. The design is unique, the performance enviable and the user experience crème de la crème. Simpleux, indeed, is a creative website template with a one-page layout that sparks interest in everyone who visits it.

Promoting your services online using Simpleux template will be of great value for your business. You can use particles effect for background, video, slideshow, solid color, you name it and Simpleux will deliver it. Take to your advantage integrated portfolio pages and show the world what you excel at.

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Any musicians and music enthusiasts in the room? It is your lucky day. We need to look at a beautiful website template for all kinds of music-related websites. Solo artists, bands, radio stations, events and other entertainment websites, Beats is the music website template you were searching for. It is a responsive tool with an emphasis on mobile users. When your friend invites you to a gig that you are unfamiliar with, you check the band out immediately once you hear the first beat. Yes, you dig it so much! And if the band does not have a website, well, isn’t that a disappointment? Maybe I am exaggerating but hey, a band website will do you only good.

Beats, along with all the essential elements, also has a fully sorted out blog and online store section. If you need a viable solution for your music-first websites, Beats is the answer to all of your questions.

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Unibody is a universal HTML5 template with over 25 different demo styles. But overall, the item has over eighty pages that you can put to use right away. Websites for agencies, showrooms, mobile apps, portfolios and beauty salons are all feasible when using a multi-functional beautiful website template. Light, minimal and contemporary, that is in brief what Unibody is all about. On top of that, editing and customizing the design will be logical and noncomplex.

One- and multi-page layouts, free support and updates, CSS animations and a nifty categorized portfolio, these are just a small percentage of the immense batch of features that Unibody sports. We can comfortably say that Unibody template is for any type of website. It is SEO friendly, optimized for fast loading speeds and delivers a noteworthy experience.

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