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Ark Theme Review: Best Rated Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Ark is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that aims to appeal to almost anyone who needs to create a new website. In the current situation, Ark is the best-rated theme on ThemeForest, having average score 4.80/5 after 540 reviews. In this Ark theme review, we’ll explore the best features of this product, what types of websites it can build, and how easy it is to use. We’ll also cover the pricing details to help you decide if the Ark theme is the right choice for your project.

To start our Ark theme review, we’ll cover who this theme is aimed at and who should consider choosing this tool for their website. Then we’ll finish up by examining the user experience to find how easy the Ark is to use.

Who Should Choose the Ark WordPress Theme?

As Ark is a multi-purpose WordPress theme, anybody building a website falls into its target audience. Ark has much to offer from small business websites and large corporate sites to authority blogs and ecommerce stores.

Thanks to the inclusion of a custom page builder tool, the Ark theme is a good choice for both those seeking an off-the-shelf solution and anyone looking for a flexible theme they can easily customize. We’ll look at the page builder tool next in this Ark theme review. However, suffice to say it’s a drag-and-drop editor stuffed with awesome features that most people should be able to use with ease.

On paper at least, everyone should consider using the Ark theme. This theme certainly checks all the boxes with a strong selection of demos, powerful customization options, and a professional design. So let’s find out if that’s the case in our hands-on Ark theme review.

Ark WordPress Theme Features

Ark Theme Demo 03

To be considered a true multi-purpose theme that anyone can use for any project, the Ark will need a few specific features. Let’s find out if it has them. We’ll also look at how effectively they’ve been deployed in our Ark theme review section.

The Ark Website Demos

Ark Theme Review Demos

A library of varied demos usually separates regular WordPress themes from multi-purpose ones. If you check out the Ark theme selection of demos, you’ll quickly see that this is a true multi-purpose WordPress theme. Ark theme offers hundreds of demo pages, compiled into several demo websites. So let’s take a closer look at them.

Main Agency Demo

Main Demo

The main Ark demo has not been created only for building agency websites with WordPress. It’s a multi-purpose demo that could be used for a wide range of other types of projects. It’s the largest demo available and does a great job of displaying what this theme can do. It reportedly contains over 260 pages. This gives you plenty of options when it comes to publishing new content.

Main Demo 02

As well as a full-screen slider, the main Ark demo homepage features all the classic elements found on this type of website. There’s room to display excerpts from your online portfolio, feature grids, pricing information, etc.

Main Demo 03

You can also use the meet the team section to introduce the talent from your agency. As the main demo is a multi-purpose demo, it’s packed with plenty of content templates for the inner pages of your site. This includes multiple portfolio templates, about us pages, services pages, and much more.

Ark Construction Demo

Construction Demo 01

The Ark construction demo is another demo that can be imported from inside your WordPress Dashboard. As the name suggests, this demo has been created for building construction company websites with WordPress. Thanks to the modern design of this demo, it can be used to create a range of different types of websites in the construction industry. This demo covers a good selection of projects from architecture agencies and construction companies to electricians and even real estate agencies.

Construction Demo 02

If you want to create a real estate website with WordPress, the Ark theme could be a good option. The pre-built real estate templates make it easy to display your services, list the details of properties, and all the other pages a good real estate website needs.

Healthy Food Store Demo

Healthy Demo 01

The Ark Healthy Food Store demo is ideal for various food-related websites. Its main purpose is to help you build a food store website with WordPress. However, you can easily use this demo to promote your services or create a food blog with WordPress.

Healthy Demo 02

This demo has lots of layouts and templates, making it easy to choose the right design for your content. There are also many social media related features to help you repurpose your content and grow your following.  If you do choose to use this demo for an online store, you can easily display your location through the Google Maps integration.

Gym Website Demo

Gym Demo

This Ark theme demo is perfect for creating a gym website with WordPress. The default demo configuration gives a good demonstration of how you could use this theme to build a CrossFit gym website with WordPress. However, with a quick bit of customization work you could easily use this demo for a range of health and fitness related projects.

Gym Demo 02

Personal trainers could also use this demo, creating a professional website to promote their services online. To help attract new clients to their personal training website, the blog templates could be used to give away free fitness and training advice. Displaying class timetables and schedules is easy too, with this demo.

Drag-and-Drop Website Builder Tool

As well as a good set of customization options, the Ark theme includes a drag-and-drop page builder tool. We’ll take a closer look at how the builder works in the user experience section of this Ark theme review. However, it’s a powerful page builder that is packed with pre-built page sections and many useful page modules and elements. It also implements full bootstrap and infinite nesting of elements, which is useful for developers. There are many extra features, like vertical centering, background layers, form builder, slider builder, advanced image options, fullscreen sections, and others, which make your life easier.

Other Features of the Ark WordPress Theme

The Ark is a multi-purpose WordPress theme, it’s packed with useful features. Some more of the highlights from the Ark theme feature list include:

  • Full ecommerce support for creating online stores.
  • Library of icon fonts for quick content upgrades.
  • Multiple button variations for adding call to action buttons to your site.
  • Compatible with a wide range of third-party tools and apps.
  • Detailed documentation and video tutorials.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to choose the Ark WordPress theme. But how easy is it to use? Let’s find out.

Ark WordPress Theme User Experience

Getting started with the Ark WordPress theme is relatively straightforward. After purchasing Ark and then downloading the theme files, you can upload the theme to your WordPress website. You can also enter your license key to fully activate the theme and unlock all the features.

Theme Dashboard

Importing the Demo Content

Once you’ve installed and activated all the recommended and required plugins, you have the option of importing the demo content. It’s recommended that you only install one of the demos, as each option can quickly populate your site with lots of content. After experimenting with the demos, a good workaround is to use a WordPress reset plugin. Setting up a test WordPress installation is another option.

Demo Grid

Once you’ve explored the different demos and made a final choice, you can import it into your WordPress website to get started. Apparently, the developers took the extra effort and divided the demo install into multiple steps, so you will not run into well-known timeout server issues.

Importer Tool

Website Customization

When the demo import runs, you can start customizing the site to make it your own. From the Theme Options panel, you can customize the main areas of your site. This includes the header layout, title bar settings, footer configuration, and container size.

Header Options Menu

From the Theme Options panel, you can also use the custom color picker to set the accent for your site. You can also choose which fonts to use, customize their sizes, and check out the icon fonts.

Color Picker

As well as choosing from the predefined header and other site section layouts, you can also customize each of them. This helps make creating a custom website with the Ark theme much easier. You never have to edit any code to carry out this customization work. Simply check the relevant boxes, or select the appropriate menu items to make changes.

Customization Options

Customizing the Individual Pages

After you’ve carried out some global customization work on your website, you have the option of modifying the individual pages. As Ark includes the Fresh Builder drag-and-drop website builder tool, you can customize the demo content in numerous ways.

Builder UI

One option is to simply edit the demo content text to reflect your services. However, you can do a lot more through the drag-and-drop page builder interface. This includes changing the layouts, rearranging the page elements, or creating your own designs from scratch.

Builder Sections

To help you create custom page designs as quickly as possible, the builder is packed with more than 200 pre-designed page sections. These sections can be inserted into your pages in a few clicks. Now you have a quick and easy way to assemble your own custom layouts. Like the rest of your pages, these pre-built sections can be easily customized through the builder tool.

Working with Fresh Builder is fast and straightforward, there is no waiting for server calls, everything is rendered in your browser immediately by javascript. It’s also useful for web developers because it implements complete BootStrap with infinite nesting, columns push and pull, and all the other things.

Builder in Builder

Builder in Builder

If you are editing the element in the builder, you can re-arrange any part of the element via another drag-and-drop interface. This offers you a high degree of customizability. Also, notice these tabs called “Box Model” and “Typography”. These are available for every element and allows you to adjust font settings and various paddings, margins, and other useful things.

Background Engine

Background Engine

A unique feature of the builder is the backgrounding engine. This allows you to layer up images, colors, videos, and other elements. It’s a part of system called “Fresh Grid”. It also handles vertical centering, matching columns and other useful features. Thanks to this, you are not forced to write custom CSS code.

Other nice additions are the keyboard shortcuts and Quick Save button. This saves the content of your page via JS and then automatically refreshes the page you are editing in a different tab, helping to save time.

Once you’ve finished setting up and customizing your website, you can publish it and make it available to your visitors.

The Ark WordPress Theme Pricing Options

The Ark WordPress is available from ThemeForest. When writing this review, the Ark theme is available for $39. This is a very competitive price for a premium WordPress theme, especially when you consider the wealth of features and capabilities of the Ark.

The price of this theme includes lifetime access to future updates. You also get 6 months of support which can be extended to 12 months by paying an additional $10.13. Even at a similar price to other best-selling multipurpose WordPress themes, the Ark would be a good deal, However, if you can pick it up for $39, then it’s an absolute steal.

The Ark Theme Review Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Ark is capable multi-purpose WordPress theme, stuffed with features. The good selection of full website demos, combined with the pre-built content layouts should make it easy for you to launch your new website, no matter what its purpose.

You won’t be bloating your WP install with unnecessary additional plugins because Ark provides lots of features (like contact form builder, slider builder, loop builder, and others) out of the box. This theme also offers good support for third-party plugins, including WooCommerce, so you should be able to create any website with the Ark.

Furthermore, as we’ve covered in this Ark theme review, the included page builder tool and theme options make customizing your website relatively straightforward. Whether you want to change a few colors and upload your logo or redesign the entire theme, you’ll have access to all necessary tools. The complete bootstrap integration with infinite nesting is a big plus as well.

If you’re looking for a flexible theme with all the latest design trends and features, you should try out the Ark theme demos.

Click here to find out more about the Ark WordPress theme today.

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