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Top 10 Adobe Muse ECommerce Templates 2017

Top 10 Adobe Muse eCommerce Templates 2017

It is impossible to imagine today’s business without ecommerce. Online business, or electronic commerce, occupies a large segment of business in general. Online stores give a possibility to trade successfully both for individuals and for large, universally known, companies. Online shopping is definitely an easy way to find the goods you are looking for, so it is essential to have an efficient website for a store. Besides online stores, ecommerce includes other companies that are involved in paying for goods or services, such as cafes and restaurants, salons, clinics, and so on.

If you are thinking of creating an online company that deals with finances, consider looking at these Adobe Muse Templates suitable for managing your business on the Internet.

Exterior Design Muse Template

When your company deals with exterior design and helps customers create their individual style, an exclusive webpage is a must, because it gives your clients the first idea about your company. With this Adobe Muse Template, you can create a strong website to present your designer solutions, services, or products. The latter can be shown in galleries with Sliders and Carousel. Such amazing feature as Parallax effect will definitely impress your clients and make them want to scroll the page. A Contact Form is also an important element for companies who communicate with their customers regularly. In addition, Google maps can show your company’s physical location and help visitors find you more easily. The template has valid semantic HTML 5 coding that will facilitate the process of creating the site. You should also be certain that your site looks equally good in various browsers due to the Crossbrowser Compatibility.

 Design Muse Template

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Interior and Furniture Muse Template

Similarly to the exterior design companies, interior designers and furniture shop owners may impact their target customers by creating the first impression with an attractive website. This first impact can be achieved with the help of Parallax animation that invites visitors to scroll the website. As it is important to present the assortment of products and services to the best advantage, the template is designed in a three-column style. The Back to Top Button is useful for navigating the site, too. To highlight various names and titles with typography, you can use a large collection of Typekit Webfonts included in the template. An additional feature of the site is a Contact Form that encourages your customers to communicate with you online. The template is characterized by valid semantic HTML 5 coding and Crossbrowser Compatibility. It means that you will be able to create a website quickly and easily, and your webpage will look great in any browser that your clients are using.

 & Furniture Muse Template

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Traffic School Muse Template

Careful driving has to be learnt, and a driving school website has to be crafted carefully. If you are looking for a template to create a website to represent a school for driving, this Adobe Muse Ready theme is a right choice. It is not overloaded with various animation effects, so its loading will be fast. You can tell your target customers about different classes and their schedules, various prices and packages available to choose from, safety principles that you incorporate, and many other important issues. Different elements and names can be emphasized with typography, as you are able to choose from a variety of Typekit Webfonts that are a part of this template. Drag and Drop Content option allows you to customize your webpage without any difficulties. At the same time, Crossbrowser Compatibility will ensure that your website will look good in any browser used by your clients.

School Muse Template

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Law Firm Muse Template

Strict and elegant, this template will be appropriate for a law company that deals with serious issues. With the help of this template, you can tell your target customers about the services you provide. There is not much animation on the webpage, so it will look businesslike. The template has a possibility to show galleries of images with a Slider within a two-column layout. Various fonts available in Typekit Webfonts will give you a chance to put emphasis on certain text elements or parts. Your customers may be interested in contacting you, so the template has an embedded Contact Form to let people get in touch with you online. Due to the valid semantic HTML 5 coding, the process of customizing your website will be an easy undertaking. Moreover, you can be sure that your website will look good in any browser, as the template features a Crossbrowser Compatibility.

 Muse Template

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Hotels Muse Template

Hosting people means taking care about their comfort, and creating an efficient website of a hotel is a part of this care. With this Adobe Muse Ready template, crafting a webpage of a hotel will be an enjoyable experience. At first, you can influence your visitors’ visual experience with Parallax animation that provokes the desire to scroll the page. After that, you can present information about the rooms available and the events that are hosted in galleries with a Slider. Obviously, people who stay at a hotel do not always know where the hotel is located, so the Google map, which is embedded into the template and can state your physical location, is an indispensable element of the website. No less important is a Contact Form that gives your clients a chance to clarify any issues. The valid semantic HTML 5 coding of the template makes creating the page an easy task, while Crossbrowser Compatibility is aimed at giving your website the same good look in any browser.

use Template

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Marketing Agency Muse Template

If you are involved in marketing services, this Adobe Muse Ready template, which belongs to One Page Templates, can become a good consideration to create your webpage. Firstly, your target customers’ eye will be caught by the astonishing Parallax effect. After that, they will be able to find out more about your company. One of the ways to do this is to watch a video that you can showcase due to the Video Integration available in this template. To differentiate text elements and various parts, make use of the typography in Typekit Webfonts. Google maps will be essential if you need to show your company’s physical location, while Contact Form will guarantee the communication between you and your clients. Crossbrowser Compatibility together with the valid semantic HTML 5 coding makes your website look good, no matter what browser your clients are using.

g Agency Muse Template

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Car Muse Template

If your company deals with services connected with cars, this striking template will be beneficial for you. Catch your visitors’ attention with the amazing Parallax animation before they get to know more about your services. To tell your customers about your company, arrange your content within a two-column layout. Galleries created to showcase your images are combined with Sliders to make navigation more attractive. An additional tool available to impress your clients is the typography embedded in the Typekit Webfonts. With the valid semantic HTML 5 coding and Crossbrowser Compatibility you will edit the template easily, and your website will look great in any browser used by your visitors.


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Clinical Psychologist Muse Template

This clean and elegant Adobe Muse Ready template with Drag and Drop Content functionality allows you to access your fonts, colors, vector graphics, and images in order to customize your webpage without code editing. To make your website look more personal, take advantage of the typography included into the Typekit Webfonts and highlight the most important parts. The template is not overloaded with animation, so your customers’ attention will be drawn to the content of your website. If your clients want to know your physical location, you can indicate it with the Google map. In addition, if you desire to stay in touch with your customers, use the Contact Form to promote communication. Even if you are not an expert in building webpages, this process will not cause difficulties for you. Also, you do not have to worry about the look of your website, as the Crossbrowser Compatibility ensures high functionality of your webpage in any browser.

gist Muse Template

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Family Muse Template

Family support centers will find this light and stylish template an attractive variant to create a website. There is no doubt that your visitors will be enchanted by your site at once when they scroll the page, as it includes a stunning Parallax animation. To present information about your company and the services you provide, arrange your content with the two-column layout. You can show various galleries of images and benefit from Sliders added to the easier navigation within your galleries. Moreover, there is a chance to showcase your information in videos due to the Video Integration option and a Video Player. In addition, Typekit Webfonts will provide you with numerous ways to reflect your style via typography. Crossbrowser Compatibility and the valid semantic HTML 5 coding are applied to this template, so you may be sure that your website will be created easily and will look good in any browser.

use Template

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Web Design Muse Template

Surely, it is a great responsibility to create a website for a web designing studio, as the visitors will be able to judge your services immediately when they come to your site. You can craft a webpage for a designing company with this bright Adobe Muse Ready template. You can organize the content of the website in a two-column layout, presenting information about your services, projects, prices, clients, and so on the way that you find most appropriate. Put emphasis to specific names, titles or important pieces of information with the help of Typekit Webfonts included into this template. Special effects to enhance visual impression on your clients include Parallax animation that creates the sense of true immersion. The galleries of your services and products can be displayed with an effective Slider. To be able to find your studio in real life, your customers can consult Google map embedded into the page. Your customers will also have a possibility to stay in touch with you with the help of a Contact Form. Valid semantic HTML 5 coding will provide for your easy launch of your webpage. In addition, Crossbrowser Compatibility guarantees a perfect look of your website in any browser that your clients are using.

gn Muse Template

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To sum up, there is a wide variety of Adobe Muse Ready templates to satisfy various needs. So, you can find an appropriate theme to showcase your goods and to inform people about your services.

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